Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bible Story Songs--Revisited

Recently, I had the opportunity to review 2 new music CD’s courtesy of Bible Story Songs. You can read my previous review of their “Moses” CD here.

ActsCD__80904_zoom First up, we’ve got “The ACTS of the Apostles”. This CD contains 24 all new songs that take children through the book of Acts. The second song, “Lives Again” is a bit reminiscent of a musical theater tune (very fun and catchy!), while other songs such as, “Peter Stood Up With Eleven” has an older male voice singing along which was a delightful change from the choral voices primarily heard.  A handy lyric booklet is included.

The second CD entitled, “Daniel” is all about…well, the book of Daniel of course! :)  It contains 26  sing-along songs with enclosed lyric booklet. This booklet made a huge difference with the younger studeDanielCD200__10677_stdnts in my class! These little ones were totally confused during “Daniel, Hananiah, Azariah, Mishael” LOL!!!) And just like the Acts CD, the music on this volume features a pleasant mix of choral music that’s neither silly or fluffy.

My favorite song on this CD was “Head, Shoulders, Trunk and Legs”. (Cute, huh?) 

The CD’s are best used for the younger crowd (approximately 7 years of age and younger). Older children probably won’t appreciate them as much as their younger siblings, however they would be good to play in the background while you work on a Bible history or timeline project. (Think unit study supplement!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Bible Story Songs make an excellent teaching tool. The songs are fun, engaging, entertaining, and have a PURPOSE behind them. When children listen to these songs, they learn something valuable that will serve them throughout their entire lives.

The above CD’s are available for $9.99 each through Bible Story

*I received 1 complimentary copy of each of these CD’s courtesy of Bible Story No additional compensation was provided and the thoughts and views expressed in this post are strictly my own.*


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