Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Confession & A Glimpse Into My Obsession

Well, either I'm a total moron (no comment from the peanut gallery) or I just didn't give it a fair shake the first time out. But this morning's workout on The Firm "Wave" seemed to really do me some good! I can still feel my core, which is something I don't recall feeling the first few times I used it. Not only that, but I actually felt a bit challenged by some of the moves this morning. So whether this is simply due to my lack of prowess or the fact that I did 2 workouts instead of 1, I can’t say for certain. All I know is that I’m happier today (with The Wave) than I was before. :)

Now with that said, I must admit that I still didn't feel nearly as worked as I do with the other Firm videos. I wasn’t dripping with sweat and my muscles weren’t a quivering mass of goo. But hey--my tummy's singing in all the right places, so life’s good. Moving on!

Remember during last week’s Fit Mommy post I mentioned how it might be fun to do a sort of mini-review of our top favorite workout videos? (For those that use them anyway.) Well, I decided to do something a tad different. While I’ll share which vids are my ultimate faves, I will also allow you a never-before-seen glimpse into my workout psychosis. :) Lest you think I’m only kidding when it comes to my Firm obsession, I invite you to view photographic proof to the contrary…. Firm1

This my dear friends, is my Firm collection. Pretty neat, huh? :) Obviously I didn’t include my weights in this shot as I felt they were pretty self-explanatory: Sets of 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20# dumb bells; 2 sets of ankle weights—1 set adjustable from 1-5 lbs, the other a 5# set.

Firm3 Thrown into this pile of Firm tapes are my Jillian Michaels DVD’s. Just because. And I’ll get to those in a second. Now, in the photo above you’ll notice 4 “white cover” DVDs and a long blue platform. This is the Firm Box and coordinating DVD’s. I don’t remember which “system” this fell under but it was out a few years ago.

What I loved about this Box was that it allowed you to use it as a 14 inch step or as an incline bench—for both back/shoulder work or for lunges and dips. Very effective, I might add! My Box unfortunately no longer stands up on it’s own 2 feet but can now only be  used in the flat (folded) position for cardio or as an incline (one side only). My oldest broke the one side a long time ago while trying to open it up. {Ahem!!!} The Firm has since discontinued this product. Bummer. Firm2

In the photo to the right, you’ll find my Jillian dvds and The Firm Wave. This is the Firm’s latest invention. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun. It’s also cheaper than The Firm Box thingy. I think this is actually a pretty good introduction to the Firm for new exercisers. The Wave’s fun to use but not super-fanny busting by any means. Jillian’s workouts on the other hand, require no additional apparatus with the exception of weights. And trust me, she’ll try to kill you. Every. Single. Time. (LOVE IT!!!!) 

Firm4 Last but by no means least, are my all-time favorite workouts. The Firm’s signature VHS tapes. These babies are what started it all for me (and my sister) back in high school. These tapes use the Firm “Fanny Lifter” (hate that name) which consists of a 6 and 8 inch step that when combined gives you a full 14 inches of torture during leg presses (and hover squats…). The ones on the left side of the photo (next to the Wave and Jillian), as well as one with the lady in the yellow leotard, and the lady in pink behind her are my absolute favorites.

They are: Ab Sculpt with Lisa Kay, Body Sculpt with Jennifer Carmen, Cardio Sculpt with Allie Del Rio, The Firm Body Sculpting Basics (formerly Volume 1) with Susan Harris, and Maximum Body Shaping with Tracie Long. The rest are like sprinkles on a cupcake. A nice splash of color that I don’t necessarily “need” but sometimes want. :)

And there you have it, ladies. A glimpse into my obsession! Hee hee! So, are you coordinating an intervention as we speak? ;)

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