Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Core Conditioning—You’ve Got 5 Minutes To Spare (I know you do!)

Virtually every woman I’ve talked to has stated that one of their main “problem” areas is their core or abdominals. Having babies, caring for our families more than ourselves, and employing less than stellar eating habits all play a role in making our six-pack abs look more like a bowl of cottage cheese. (Ahem) I speak from experience, trust me!

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a nifty little core routine I heard about yesterday called The 6 Day Core Conditioning Program developed by fitness guru, Sherri McMillan (owner of Northwest Personal Training and Northwest Women's Fitness Club in Vancouver, Washington and Portland OR).

With this circuit training program,“You will complete one circuit each day for six days and each day will require about 5 minutes of your time. Then you rest on the 7th day! By following this program, you will hit all the important areas and movements each week.” ~ From Sherri’s blog post.

So, for all you Fit Mommies out there—Let’s give it a shot! What do you say? :) To learn more about Sherri and her fun new program, click here.

Please note that it’s a bit hard to follow along at first—the video’s “angle” is a bit funky. But once you get going, you’ll be just fine. ;)

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Mrs. White said...

Sounds like a great program!


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