Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daybook Entry

tdbsmall Outside My Window... hard to tell. It’s still dark. ;)

I am thinking... That the above comment was lame and I should’ve actually looked outside before I wrote it.

I am thankful for... a relatively full pantry, our most excellent and thoughtful Pastor and his wife, and friends who let me speak my mind.

From the kitchen... I just made an egg and turkey sandwich. Eat your heart out, Rachael Ray.

From the Learning Room… we’ll be continuing our study of Ancient Greece.

I am wearing... Workout clothes because that’s what I’ll be doing after this.

I am creating... A paperwork explosion of epic proportions on my desk. {Ahem} I should probably sort this mess out later, huh? I’ll add it to my To Do List now.

I am going... to take Ethan to taekwondo later tonight. And I’ll officially go crazy if I can’t find a way to make these children of mine stop fighting and bickering.

I am reading... Oh, this is easy! “Master Your Metabolism” by Jillian Michaels, “Hungry” by…someone…can’t remember (quite the juxtaposed pairing, wouldn’t you say?), and The Bridegrooms by…someone else, that I’m reading for review.

I am remembering… the vast amount of writing projects I have piled next to me that must be cleared out today. Otherwise the fate of the entire planet will be in peril! (Oh. Sorry. Caffeine talking.)

I am hoping... there’s no such thing as “death by chai tea”. Because if there is, I’m a total candidate for an early demise.

I am hearing... the hum of the computer and the clickety-clack of the keys. :o)  {What were you expecting?}

On my mind… how to effectively punish my children after last night’s major “she/he started it” fiasco. {Ugh}

I have noticed… That parenting doesn’t necessarily get easier as they get older.

Pondering these words… “Someday you’ll have a child just like you!” – my Mother.

Around the house... Oh just the usual suspects. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, bathroom scrubbing.

One of my favorite things... A clean house! ;o)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: taekwondo, ballet, youth group, taekwondo, ballet, taekwondo…then finally ballet for ME in the form of Pacific NW Ballet’s “All Balanchine” on Saturday. Woohoo! ;-]

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... I’m actually going to share a few pics as they’re all necessary parts of the illustration.

Okay, here are my 3 monkeys tying a long string of balloons together. The balloons were a gift from my mom. (And from the looks of things, Grandma found one heck of a sale at the party store or something…)IMG_4203IMG_4211 Now in this shot, I’d like to say they were attempting something brainy and scientific, like creating a DNA molecule or something. But no. They were just shaking them…because when you have an insane amount of balloons like this, that’s just the cool thing to do. (Well, that and it makes for an artsy camera shot for Dad.)

IMG_4225 Now THIS is how far these babies stretched! Clear. across. the. yard! (And we’ve got a good sized yard, folks!) Wow!!!!


Ann @ House of Estrogen said...

Love the balloon pics! Looks like fun!

amber waves of grain said...

My mother said the exact same thing to me.


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