Friday, April 2, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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Last week I was feeling pretty good about my effort and progress. This week--? Not so much.

While I did get a few extra walks/jogs in, in addition to my workouts, I didn't feel (probably because I wasn't) like I was really trying hard enough. Know what I mean? Like everything I did was just the bare minimum. And really, it was. I could've done more--pushed myself harder--worked out for a longer period of time. But I chose not to. Not to sure why exactly, other than a bad case of "I'm okay right where I'm at. I'm doing so well I'm hardly sweating. See?"

But that's not enough.

There comes a point where one has to really put some effort into their routines lest they become complacent and your progress comes to a halt.

So that's my focus for next week. Pushing, pushing, pushing past all barriers--including but not limited to--my own laziness.

On the bright side, my hamstrings (What is up with that word, anyway? Is that not the weirdest name for a human body part? Makes me feel like I've got Porky Pig legs or something.) are sore from all the deadlifts I did this week. :)  Call me crazy, but that lingering soreness always makes me feel a little bit better about myself.

Now if my gut was sore from crunches instead of bloated, I'd be doing great! (Thank you, PMS...)

Oh, check this out. Dean's interested in trying that P90X Fitness program. Have you seen it? My sister has the set and loves it. Apparently one of Dean's co-workers/managers has been using it and has lost 23 lbs so far. (Wow!) Hence, his new found inspiration. From what I've seen and heard, it utilizes the same methods (muscle confusion, cardio and weights) that the old Firm tapes employ. So with that being said, I'd be interested in trying it out (I mean really, it's a new workout video! Sign me up!), I'm just not sure if it'd be any different from what I'm currently using. Then again, I'm open to being challenged and proven wrong. ;-]  So if we decide to get it, I'll update you all here.

Speaking of updates, I guess I'd better open the floor to the rest of you fabulous ladies so you can share yours! :)

But first, one last thing. If you use a particular program or video, would you mind writing a bit about it? Sort of like a review. I thought it might be nice to share something like that so the rest of us can see if what you're using would work for us. :) What do you think? I'll put mine in a separate post as I have soooooooo many videos to choose from. (If that's the case for you as well, let's just pick out Top 3 or something and go from there. ~Wink~)


Annie Kate said...

Sometimes it's good to have a coasting week, just to let your body have a week off from being pushed really hard. I'm sure listening to how you feel about exercising is good for you.

As for a review of my exercise program, that's a joke. My doctor wants me to always do a bit less than I think I can, and so far, it's really helping. :)

But...there's not much to review. LOL

Have a blessed weekend.

Annie Kate

Cheryl Henderson said...

I know this week, I changed my routine just because of so much going on and it was kind of nice. I did my 30 minutes of yoga, but then I played different Wii Fit Plus games that I hadn't tried before. It still took an hour, but was kind of refreshing. And I can relate to the PMS complaint. :-)


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