Friday, April 9, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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Whew!!!! I just completed my first P90X workout (Core Synergistics) and I feel amazing! Granted, I felt (and no doubt looked) pretty darn foolish during a few of the moves, but overall--yeah, baby! ;o] I like!

Now before you think I just invested in something as expensive as P90X, I must tell you that I'm borrowing this from Dean's co-worker. The one I was telling you about in a previous post who lost over 20+ pounds doing this program. Anyway, both Dean and I are going to give this thing a shot. I'm not sure yet how well Dean will be able to do the exercises due to his neck/shoulder (and fusion surgery) but we'll see. At least he's willing to try it, right? :o]

Throughout this week I've been consistent with my workouts. Up until today, I'd complete a Firm tape/dvd (sometimes 2 depending on length) in the morning and would--as always--get in a bit of walking in during the day. I haven't done any of the jogging like I was doing in previous weeks, though. I seem to like this better--the whole workout dvd/walking combo. (I'm a creature of habit, what can I say?)

Nutritionally speaking, I'm pleased to report that I've increased my consumption of veggies (fruit?--not so much) and water. I've also gone back to the Ezekiel bread which tastes amazing after not having it for awhile. But I must confess to eating 4 Creme Eggs throughout the week. (Ahem) Yeah, that whole "no junk food" streak? Broken! Shattered! Demolished! {Sigh}

But they sure were good! Hee hee!

I'm feeling incredibly motivated this week for some reason. Perhaps it stems from the Jillian Michaels book I'm reading, Master Your Metabolism? Or perhaps it's due to the new P90X dvds? Knowing me as only I do, the answer is probably *both*.  :o] I'm also really enjoying the increased definition I'm developing at the front of my shoulders as well as my thighs. Wooohooo! (Now if I could just get the back of my thighs to wake up, as well as my jiggly lower abs, that would be great.)

What about you? Were you feeling all gung-ho this week? Sign the Mr. Linky below and tell us about it!

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Annie Kate said...

Good for you! That sounds very impressive.

Yes, I was feeling gung ho this week, but not about fitness. LOL. Oh well, at least I'm fit enough now to feel gung ho! :)

Have a great week!

Annie Kate


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