Friday, April 16, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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Well, I don't know about ya'll but I am wiped OUT! Between waking up at 4am (hubby's working OT) and not going to bed until 10:30-11pm, to working out with P90X on top of that---whew! I need a break from myself this weekend! :)

As tough as the P90X program is, you don't really "feel" all that worked while you're in the middle of it. Okay, that sounded weird. Yes, you feel worked but it's really in a good way. I feel energized, motivated and challenged during the workouts (even if I am often rolling my eyes at Tony Horton's ill-attempts at humor). But then I'm the type of person who clearly thrives on challenge (at least in this area) and this new workout series is giving it to me, no holds barred.

I will say though that my muscles SCREAM at me the next day. Thankfully, with this program you only work 1-2 muscle groups a day so the soreness gets nice 'n evened out. Sore arms/shoulders? No problem. Today we'll work your legs. {Ahem}

Workouts have been very fun and consistent this week. My favorites so far are the Arms & Shoulders and Core Synergistics. I'm also partial to a few aspects of the Ab Ripper X. (And yes, it's just as brutal as it sounds.) However, the vast majority of the moves consist of lying down flat on your back then curling up from there to a full sit-up. Something I cannot do whilst lying down. Forget it. Nope. No way. No can-do. Several other moves consist of leaning back on your tailbone, which really does not feel good.

But (and here's that "thrive on challenge" part of my personality kicking in) my new goal is to work hard to complete the Ab Ripper X like it's nobody's business! (Hee hee)

This week my nutritional intake has been so-so. Haven't had any chocolate or cake (boo hoo) but I've been eating far too many carbs than I should be. {I like bread. A lot.} It likes me, too. That's why we "stick" together. It sticks to my hips, and I keep sticking it in my mouth. We're pals.

What has your week looked like?


homeschool101 said...

I have wondered about this program, P90X - my dad was talking with me about it he was interested. I never heard of it..

Lol! I got my Jenny Mcarthy wii fitness, she is an excerice devil.. OUCH! I am sore, and burning bad all over but feeling great while I work. Lol!

If you can not do the ab ripper [goal to make it] You can substitute it with crunches from lying on floor or while sitting up right doing a half backward crunch. [ start at knees and go back part way ] That is where I started with cruches because there is no way I am going to do a situp atleast not now. Plus doing situps really are not good for you atleast that is all I have heard.

You can do it be it Abs ripper or Your substitution. How will he know. Bahaha! I am rooting for you. :) Have a great weekend.

Annie Kate said...

That sounds like one tough program! But you're having fun with it and that's great.

How is your carb pal doing? Chuckle. My chocolate pal will likely be out in full force next week as we prepare for a church celebration.

Have a great week!

Annie Kate


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