Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review: Hermie-Antonio Meets His Match



A rude foreigner moves into the garden, testing Antonio's patience.

From the website: Antonio should probably be called “Brave Ant”, for the heroic way he leads his Army Ants in defending the garden from, say, Big Bully Croaker.  But when some foreign ants move into the garden, their strange ways challenge Antonio to use something other than physical strength and military experience to solve a problem. Lesson is based on Luke 10:27  "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." (ICB)

My Opinion

In “Antonio Meets his Match”, the latest installment in Max Lucado’s “Hermie” series, Antonio a brave little ant, gets some new neighbors. These new ants are so different from Antonio and his friends. Not only are the “different”, but they’re also annoying and rude to the others. But instead of fighting back, God instructs Antonio to “love his neighbors”.

At first, Antonio rises to the occasion. But then a little plot twist comes along and the gloves come off!

This was my first Hermie experience. And while my children are well above the target age range, I do feel that this is a really cute video with a positive message for young children. Loving your neighbor as yourself is a hard thing to do—whether you’re an adult or kid! I would recommend this product to anyone with a child from 2-7 yrs of age. In addition, the bonus material (Trivia Game and Sing-A-Long) would be perfect for Sunday School classes.

A word of caution however: Some families may take offense to the words such as “dumb” and “annoying” used to describe the ants throughout the video.

To learn more or to purchase your own copy of Hermie & Friends: Antonio Meets His Match, please visit Thomas Nelson.

*I received a free copy of this DVD through Thomas Nelson Publishing’s Book Sneeze book review program. No additional compensation was provided and my opinions expressed in this review are my own.*

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