Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blah Dee Blah…

Warning: This post will contain a running list of current thoughts criss-crossing through my mind at the moment. Turn back now while you still have the chance! :) Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

  • Dean's doc referred him to a pain management specialist yesterday. It will take some time to get in to see him, but hopefully by going this route, we'll get a better grip on his neck/arm/shoulder issues. I must admit that this is a rather "Gulp!" worthy moment for me. I never thought we'd get to this point in his treatment. Not in a million years. I just hope it helps. There really isn't much left to try, except more surgery. Which of course, will probably be done soon as well. :-{


  • We're inching closer and closer to Abby's ballet recital! This is such an exciting and somewhat stressful time of year for us. I tend to go into "Ballet Mom" mode, which basically means I freak out over her arms, remind her to "stretch her feeeeeet!" and plan--down to the last detail--what all needs to be done before the big night. (Honestly, you'd think *I* was the one performing.) Abby goes into her own "Ballet Mode", in which she practices every chance she gets. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room, walking down the street--you name it! Twinkle Toes is on the move!


  • Speaking of Twinkle Toes…we attended Abby's best friend's ballet recital the other night, which we totally LOVED! Her little friend did an amazing job--truly the best dancer in the entire group. :) (Nope, I'm not biased. Just very honest.)


  • In more ballet news (yeah, there's a lot of it, sorry!), we'll be attending Pacific NW Ballet's "Coppelia" in two weeks! Hooray!!! Abby and I are very excited. Neither of us have actually seen a live Coppelia performance before. But it'll be amazing, I'm sure. :) And of course, Abby's been saving her allowance to buy something totally over-priced from the Gift Shop. LOL But hey--better her cash than mine! I have to save for her recital tickets and summer dance classes. :o/


  • My workouts are back on track this week! Yippee!!! I'm looking forward to posting my Fit Mommy check in tomorrow. ;-)


  • Two words: Raisin Bran! I have been eating that stuff like crazy this week! Sheesh…! In fact, I’m eating a bowl of it as I type this out. Now, as long as I don’t drip almond milk onto the keyboard—and thus greatly irritate my spouse—I’ll be doing great! :o}


  • I’ve been reading the book, “The Feminine Mistake” by Leslie Bennetts. Has anyone read it? The author talks about how “bad” it is for women to give up their financial independence by relying on a husband to support them. She says that the odds are stacked against those that “buy into” this false notion, citing the rising divorce statistics, and the frightening reality of accidents, illness and death—all of which may force a woman back into the working world, which her outdated skills will be no match for.

What do you think about this? Is it wrong to fully rely on our husband’s support? Would we better off at least keeping our skills “fresh and current” in the event the unthinkable happens? How does faith factor in this?  I admit I’m feeling rather torn on the  issue, but the floor is open for comments. :)


Rachel said...

Ok, I had this long comment about wives working but I really don't want to get into it right now. But I will say a woman who is married and stays home and takes care of her house and family is following the Bible. We aren't held accountable to the world and their views. We are accountable to God! We rely on God for our financial provision-even when our husbands are the ones making money. When the what if's happen (job loss, illness, divorce), we go to God and ask Him what to do. Yes, it may mean going to back to work and that is ok too.

Annie Kate said...

Yep, Rachel's right.

And I noticed you DID have raisins this week. Hee hee, you're doing much better than you think!

Annie Kate


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