Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Review: “Plan B” by Pete Wilson

What do you do with a shattered dream? Or an unmet expectation? What do you do when your life isn't turning out the way you thought it would? What do you do when you have to turn to Plan B? Learn how God often does His best work in our most hopeless situations….

PlanB Initially, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this book. While I felt very drawn by the title alone, I knew I didn’t want to read yet another unhelpful, “Just Pray Hard Enough/Believe Deeply Enough and Everything Will Turn Out Great” type of book. I’ve read those in spades and they only succeeded in making me feel worse.

Thankfully, “Plan B” takes on a decidedly different approach.

With a refreshingly “real” attitude, author and pastor, Pete Wilson guides readers through the wilderness of Plan B with tremendous insight, warmth and encouragement. The lessons and principals are—at last!—helpful and delve deep into the very human, very normal reactions we all experience when faced with trials of all shapes and sizes. I was especially pleased with Wilson’s attitude--he doesn’t come across as some sort of “spiritual super hero”, but rather as a friend and wise companion. Someone you can easily relate to and understand.

Although I could’ve easily plowed through this book in a few hours (it’s that good!), I decided to take it slow and savor each chapter. There is much to be mulled over—in fact, you might want to take notes along the way. :)

Plan B also provides study questions for each chapter, making this an awesome small group--or even a full congregational--study. (Personally, I think it should be handed to everyone who walks through a church door!) We’ll all experience “Plan B” at some point. That’s just how life works. Yet knowing that and responding appropriately are often two very different things. This book seeks to help change all that and it hits the mark---beautifully.

I would highly encourage everyone to get a copy of this amazing new book as soon as possible. It could very well change your life.

To learn more about Plan B, please visit Thomas Nelson Publishers or the author’s website, Plan B You can also read sample chapters by opening the Book Widget on my blog’s sidebar.

*I was provided with a free copy of the above book for the purpose of this review. No additional compensation was provided and my thoughts are strictly my own.*

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