Friday, May 14, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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This proved to be a 90% cardio week for me and here's why.
For Mother's Day, Dean bought me a Sony e-Reader (and a pink one at that!). This little gadget--which I never thought I'd be this excited over--allows me to read hundreds of e-books (if I had hundreds to read) like a regular paperback book (if the paperback was pink and had a digital screen). I seriously have a hard time putting it down!
And it's for that reason that I found myself on the recumbent bike a lot this week, just so I could sneak in some extra reading time! (Hee hee!) Now I know that totally goes against the whole mind/body connection (thinking about what you're doing while you're doing it), but it was such a nice little diversion, I must admit. :o)
However, I did run through my own quick routine consisting of push-ups, crunches, oblique twists, squats and lunges (3 days). Therefore, I didn't completely disregard strength training, but rather scaled back on it a bit. (Okay, okay...I scaled back a LOT.)

For the record, the bike workouts were 60 mins. each, alternating between tension level 1-6 throughout the workout.
Oh, and here's another "naughty" confession: I ate horribly this week. Dean bought me a king size Twix bar (again, mother's day) and I also baked a cake. I ate the Twix bar in one sitting (oink) and had several slices of cake from Monday through Wednesday (mooo). Oh yes. And there was an incident with a bag of Doritoes. Lots of Doritoes. {Sigh} Let's just say I'm avoiding my good friend, The Bathroom Scale!
I hope everyone else stuck to their programs more than I did this week. {Ahem} I obviously need to step away from the little pink e-reader and get my rear in gear! :-)

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Annie Kate said...

Now that's a great gift! And biking for an hour or two a day is good for you no matter what.

So don't worry too much about strength training.

As for food, oh my! I didn't do so well either.

There's always next week, right?


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