Friday, May 28, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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Well, ladies! I'm pleased to report that this was by far a MUCH better week for me! Yippeeeeee!!! :o)  I got my workout in every single day this week (M-F) and I feel great. Thank you all for the encouraging words and advice last week. It made such a huge difference! (You gals are the greatest! But then, you probably already knew that. *Wink*)

Here is how my week went:

  • Monday: Power-walked for just over 2 miles (felt fantastic!!)
  • Tuesday: Did a Firm video (Cardio Sculpt-60 mins)
  • Wednesday: Jillian Michaels video (No More Trouble Zones-40 mins)
  • Thursday: recumbent bike (6.24 miles/30 minutes) Would've gone longer but my legs were still really sore from Jillian's tape...ugh!
  • Friday: Jillian Michaels video (Banish Fat/Boost Metabolism-60 mins)
While all that's a success, I totally bombed in the area of nutrition. I made pancakes for supper one night this week and ate 3. (Ahem) They were apple-cinnamon and smelled so scrumptious, I simply couldn't resist. (Sigh) I haven't consumed any veggies or fruit, whatsoever. (I know what you're thinking..."How does that happen?") But it's the truth and I'm just "keeping it real" as the expression goes. :-)

How did you all do this week? I know some of you are re-joining after a few weeks off. I'm curious to see how you did your first week back! :) And I'm sure there are some of you gearing up for the holiday weekend. What steps do you plan to take to ensure a successful week amongst plenty of yummy temptations? (Bar B-Q's, get togethers, etc.)

The floor is officially open for comment! :-)


Mrs. White said...

Silly! Apple Pancakes IS a fruit!

You did better than you thought!

Annie Kate said...

And I'm sure you had juice or something...or raisins.

Congrats on the exercise, though!

Annie Kate

homeschool101 said...

Lol, I forgot to link up on Friday. Youre doing fine. keep up the good work. In the end we will be so happy about the results. ;)


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