Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Catch-Up

I’ve got so many thoughts pinging around my head right now. Hope ya’ll are up for a super random, thought-slinging post! :)

I’m feeling bittersweet about this year’s TOS Crew winding down. I’ve got one more itsy bitsy review left to pen then I’m “off” until July. Wow…hard to believe, ain’t it? Not sure what I’ll do with all that free time! (Ha ha)

The kids are really looking forward to the end of the school year. (Not that I’ve decided what day that’ll actually take place just yet! Ahem!) But I’m thinking mid-June might be nice—right before Abby’s ballet recital and before we go on a brief trip to Whidbey Island with the California Oppers.

In other family news, Dean might have another surgery here soon. This time on his rotator cuff. Apparently it’s torn just a bit and is giving him pain. (Imagine that, right?) But the real issue we’re dealing with now is the fact that so far, nothing we’ve tried—the neck surgery last July, the medications, and most recently the cortisone injections—aren’t working to alleviate his pain. At all.

There are days when he literally has to hold his left arm up with his right it hurts to bad to hold it up on its own. And before you ask, we don’t know if this all stems from the rotator cuff issue, but from all doctor accounts the answer is, “Probably not.” Which means…? They have no idea what’s wrong. Or at least, they don’t know how to fix it.

I hate seeing him in this much pain all the time, and I honestly don’t know how much longer he’ll be able to work. Yes, it’s getting that bad which is rather scary thought for me as I haven’t worked full time outside the home in 12 years. But as my dear friend, Scarlet O’ Hara once said: “I’ll think about that…tomorrow.” :) In the meantime, I’m doing what I can to make our budget stretch farther than we ever thought possible. Because let’s be honest; paying for another surgery is going to flat-out suck! :-/

Anyway. In happier news, we got Abby’s summer dance schedule. She’s moving  up to Level IV, so for the month of July she’ll be taking 7 classes each week: ballet, character, jazz, and even Pilates! She’s very, very excited as you can imagine! :) Now as long as Mommy can pay for her tuition, she’ll be doing great! (Hee hee)  (And trust me…when she’s older, she’ll be earning a good portion of her own tuition. Count on it! :o/ )

Well, it’s just about time to pick Sierra and Ethan up from taekwondo. Hopefully the rain will hold off just long enough for me to get there and back!

Until next time…! :)

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Rachel said...

7 classes per week? I balk at 2 classes per week for one child. :) So sorry to hear Dean is in so much pain still. I'll keep praying for him.


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