Friday, May 14, 2010

Groupon: Have you heard of it?? :)

Oh my…! I don’t know where I’ve been, but I’ve just heard about this amazing website called Groupon. Basically put, they feature a daily offer from a local area business. If you’d like to receive the discount, simply click the “buy” button and wait…Yep. That’s right. You have to wait until enough people also sign up for the deal. When they do, everyone scores big! Woohoo! (And if not, well…better luck next time.)

Trophy-Cupcakes-and-Party2 Anyhoo…! Today’s Groupon for the Seattle area is for a dozen cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes for only $15. (Yes, $15 for cupcakes. Ahem. But have you seen these babies?! To…DIE…for!!! Dean: Can you buy me these for my next birthday? Pretty please? Oh! Better yet—and closer on the calendar—can we go here for YOUR birthday? Hee hee!) Oh and FYI…the deal is totally ON. Everyone scores on the cupcake deal! Hooray! {Snoopy dance!}

{And what’s especially cool is that on Sundays, they feature a CHAI cupcake!!! Truly this is a sign from the heavens above that this shop was made just for me. I mean…come on!}

Now, I have to admit that I’ve never even heard of Groupon nor Trophy Cupcakes until today. However, I plan to pay them a visit, courtesy of the handy-dandy Groupon special (ooh, sugar buzz!!!), when we take Abby to the ballet next month! Yesssssss….!!!!!!!

Okay! So if you’re interested, check out Groupon HERE. :)

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