Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Legendary Audrey Hepburn

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audrey1-220x300 Long before she became an Oscar-winning actress, Audrey Hepburn “…dreamed of only one thing: To be a dancer.” Audrey began her dance training at the age of five while attending boarding school in England. Little Audrey fell in love with ballet and was eager to attend each weekly class.

By the age of ten, Audrey moved from her English boarding school back to her family’s home in Holland where her mother, Ella enrolled her in the Arnhem Conservatory of Music and Dance. It was here that Audrey’s unique blend of artistry began to take shape under the experienced eye of her teacher, Winja Marova. “She was long, slender, very sweet, very eager to learn,” Winja said of Audrey. “She was willing to give everything for it. She was very musical. I always enjoyed teaching her…When she was on stage, even though she just knew a little bit, you immediately saw that a flame lit the audience.” Their respect and admiration was mutual. Of her teacher, Miss Hepburn is quoted as saying, “Winja was a beautiful, world-class dancer. (And she) helped this very young girl in Arnhem to believe that she could become one, too.”…..

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