Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday was an extremely busy, but very fulfilling day for us.

First, Abby had a make-up ballet class/recital practice from 11-12:30pm. In order to accomplish this, we decided to drop her off on our way out to church (10:30am), and have my mom pick her up afterwards.

The children’s class at church was a lot of fun, thanks to the new curriculum we’re trying out. It provides tons of new games which the kids all seemed to enjoy, especially the littlest ones. :) Even more special was the fact that our friends, Jordan and Atira (along with their parents Scott & Tina) were there visiting. Its always nice to see them. :)

We then had to duck out of church early (by “early” I mean 1:45pm), because we had to retrieve Abby, then our friends, Adam and Victoria were coming over to “swap” from 2-5pm. Adam would stay and play here with Ethan, while Abby would go back with Victoria to her house.

The boys played nearly non-stop video games (of course), while the girls, I later heard, had dressed up Victoria’s dogs, had a tea party and played “Mission Impossible”. :) Sounds like a good day to me!

After swapping back at 5pm, we then headed down to Fife (a good hour drive south) to our friends Mike and Jen’s to celebrate Jen’s 30th birthday. :) Dean was careful to plug their address into the GPS but right from the get-go, it couldn’t “find it”. When I looked at the address I noted the words “court east”—which out here means “new housing development/probably NOT on GPS’ radar”. Which further translates to, “You’re about to become lost. Have a nice day.”

And indeed, lost we became! :o/

Thankfully, Mike was able to guide us in over the phone. (Whew!) I later realized the correct street was only one street up from where we’d initially turned, per Martha’s (our GPS) instructions. Doh! Stupid technology…bah!

Anyway, it was wonderful to see them again, and to meet some of their friends from church. (They attend Christian Faith Center—aka Casey Treat’s congregation.)  Okay, I have to say this so bear with me. One of the things I really love about Mike and Jen is the fact that they’re two of the most genuinely loving, faithful folks IIMG_2227’ve ever met. And if you knew how far they’ve come—the rough roads they walked to get where they are now--it would absolutely blow you away. They are in a word, AMAZING. And it’s all God, folks. All God. I’m really proud to call them my friends. :)                                        

Now where was I? Oh right. The party. Well, Jen got a nifty new video camera which she used to film all her guests—including yours truly. {Ahem} Their oldest girl baked the cake (I heard it was yummy!), and everyone was very kind and personable. One of their friends (and for the life of me I can’t remember his name now!) even prayed for Dean’s neck while we were there. That was really sweet. :)  Before we left, we made plans to venture out there again in two weeks, this time allowing Sierra to spend the night with their oldest daughter, Sakara. By the time we got home it was pushing 10:30pm, and Abby had totally crashed out in the van.

Then on Sunday, we pretty much did nothing—outside of grocery shopping and laundry. :) Woohoo!

I love weekends like those, where you have one day that’s really jam-packed with things to do, then one day where you get to just “veg” and do nothing. I always feel more accomplished after a weekend like that.

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