Wednesday, June 2, 2010

House Account Monthly Meme


smallhouseaccount This is the first month of the new “House Account Monthly” meme, created by my sweetheart of a friend, Mrs. White. Each month, participants set financial goals and keep careful track of their spending. On the first of each month (or the 2nd, as is the case with me—oops!), we’ll report back and share how we did. Are you ready? Here we go! :)

Check-In Questions:

1. Did you record all your spending this month?

Honestly? No. I started to and I had every intention of keeping it up. But this isn’t something I normally do, so getting into the habit proved harder than I thought. To my credit, I do budget every paycheck and keep track of my bank account online. As for writing it all down in my notebook—? I have to work on it. :(

2. What are your goals for keeping a ledger? (Example - Get out of debt; Get a grip on spending; Teach my children sound financial skills; Be more accountable to my family for my spending, Analyze spending habits, Have a record of our estate, etc.)

I definitely want to teach my children good financial skills, as well as work hard toward paying down our mounting medical bills. I had just gotten all of last year’s medical debts wiped out when the next round started.

3. Do you have a success story to share? (Example - reduced electric bill; paid off a debt; lowered grocery bill; saved for a vacation, etc.) We'd also love to hear your tips and ideas!

Thanks to my new coupon craze, I’ve definitely lowered our grocery bill. Woohoo! Granted, it’s not yet as low as I’d like it to be, but I’m working on it. :) And our heating bill went down, but that’s just because the weather warmed up. Slightly. You wouldn’t know it by today’s weather, though. :o{ 

Okay, here are some tips! Unplug everything that you can when it’s not in use. Those little appliances and such still pull electricity, even if you’re not actively using them. I found out (to my absolute horror) that the temperature control boxes on our electric blanket gets REALLY warm, even when the blanket is off! I had to unplug the entire thing completely, which kinda bugged Dean. (“Now I have to plug it back in when I get in bed!”)  Once he touched the box though—? Yeah. Different tune entirely! (Thank you very much…)

4. (Optional) How are your children doing with this? Any cute sayings from them, or progress in their financial education?

My children each have a notebook that they’re “supposed” to be recording their spending in. However, like their mother, they haven’t really kept up on it. I did get a good laugh though over Ethan’s ledger entry: “This is my money notebook. I am saving for a laptop. I need about $500. I have $0. At this rate, I will be saving for 30 years!! I also want the new Mario game when it comes out. I can’t wait! It’s going to be so cool!”  (PS: He earned and subsequently spent $50 on that new game. So much for the laptop! Hee hee!)

5. Any helpful resources you've found? (such as a website, link to an article, or book)

Coupon blogs, yes! They’re listed on my sidebar. :)

6. Were you able to put aside some savings this month?

Not officially. However, I was able to earn a good portion of the cost of Abby’s ballet recital tickets. That made me happy. :)

7. Comments or Thoughts?


If you’d like to participate in this monthly meme, please click here for more information. :)

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Mrs. White said...

Great job and so inspiring!!!

Thanks so much for participating!

Love the tips!!

Mrs. White


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