Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Off To See Coppélia!

On Saturday, Dean and I took Abby to see Pacific Northwest Ballet’s new production of Coppélia. Technically, I was “working”--I really do have the best job in the world! Hee hee! And I was really excited to bring Abby along. DSCN6554

Our first stop was the tall glass cases. As anyone who’s ever been to McCaw Hall knows, you have to stop and check out the costumes on display! DSCN6550

Now this ruby colored slice of heaven exemplifies why little girls dream of becoming dancers.  It’s from the ballroom scene in Cinderella.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Prior to all their matinee performances, PNB provides fun activities for the children. There was a table filled  with Coppélia coloring pages and bookmarks, another table manned by Radio Disney which offered free Alice In  Wonderland posters, Toy Story 3 coloring pages (neither of which interested Abby), and Tinkerbell bookmarks that when planted, grow real flowers! (They gave Abby two. :) )


There was even a PNB Staff member telling the story of Coppélia while showing the children how to “dance” and act it out. She brought out tutus from The Sleeping Beauty for them to see (and oooh and aaaahhh over), as well as a few pairs of pointe shoes to check out. It was great!


Oh goodness, before I forget. Just prior to the story telling and tutu sharing, a little girl (the one in the bright pink dress in the above photo) saw Abby and exclaimed, “Look Mommy! The Princess is here! The real princess is here!” It was sooooo adorable!  


The dance and story time were really cute. However, Abby was expecting—something a little more like “ballet class” than what it actually was. {Ahem} In fact, just the day before she’d asked if she should pack her leotard and tights to change into! :) (I told her I didn’t think they’d be necessary.) DSCN6562

Once the dance/story got started, Abby stood rooted to the ground. I could see her expression go from, “Hooray! Time to dance!” to “What.is.this?” But after a few minutes—and plenty of coaxing from mom and dad—she got into the spirit of it all and happily joined in. :) 


We quietly exited as more little ones arrived, all of whom stared as the Princess—er, Abby—walked away. Then Dean took one last photo opportunity at this fantastic statue. As you can see, Abby was totally on Cloud Nine by this time!


We made our way back upstairs as the doors would be  opening any minute. My feet were already starting to kill me (high heels used to be way more friendly!) so I was eager to find our seats. Once we got inside the theater, Dean took Abby to see the Orchestra. They both love looking over the edge and watching the musicians tune up! I would’ve joined them if I could’ve gone barefoot. ;o)  I didn’t think that would look too good, ya know?

DSCN6577 Isn’t she cute, folks? DSCN6576

Once the theater starting really filling up, it was time for them to head back to their seats. Showtime was less than 5 minutes away! Woohooo!


And here’s one last parting shot for your dartboard—er, entertainment. Mommy and Pookie, sitting on pins and needles waiting for the sparkly red curtain to rise up ‘n move out of the way!


PS: You can read my full performance review on the Vala Dancewear blog here.

PPS: Yes, we did go to Trophy Cupcakes after the performance. Now, I am a little sad to report that although the frosting on my chocolate hazelnut cupcake was fantastically delicious, the cake tasted a bit on the dry side. Sierra later said her red velvet cupcake wasn’t the moistest she’d ever had, either. Final verdict? Trophy Cupcakes—good. Tasty. But not totally fabulous. Worth the $3 price? Nope. Oh well! :o) We still had fun. (Hey! I should become a cupcake reviewer!!! Now there’s an idea…!)

PPPS: Before you email me, you *can* click on most of the photos to get a better/bigger view. Not all of them work though. Don’t ask me why.

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