Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pass the Cupcakes, Please!

I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, but this weekend I plan on hitting Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle! This will be my first-ever trip to an actual cupcake shop and I can hardly wait. (I’m most anxious to try their chocolate peanut butter one! Slurrrrp!)

01 I honestly do not know how I missed the whole cupcake-craze that’s been happening for the past few years.

(Seriously. Cupcakes? Me? Helloooo!!!)

Here are some additional, scrumptious looking sites (and locations!) I heard about just this morning: (Note that these are all in Washington state)

Simply Sweet Cupcakes – Brand new shop in Snohomish!

Hello, Cupcake –Located in Tacoma

Indulge Cupcakes & Espresso –Located in Sumner

New York Cupcakes – Located in Bellevue (Crossroads)cupcakes-1636

Cupcake Royale –Four Seattle locations (Capitol Hill, Ballard, Madrona, West Seattle)

Trophy Cupcakes – Three locations (Wallingford Center, University Village, The Bravern)

You wanna know what I was just thinking? That it would be absolutely fabulous to go on a cupcake shop tour over the summer! Think about it! I (okay, and the family too…sheesh) could visit all these amazing shops, sample their delicious wares, and rate each one. It’d be the greatest road trip ever! Not only that, but I could easily turn it into some sort of homeschool field trip meets home economics meets physical education (ie: how many workouts does Mom need today?) experiment! ;-] 

I know I for one, would have a total blast.

Oh, one more thing. Here’s a fabulous blog that lists a ton of cupcake shops across the country: Cupcakes Take The Cake. On the right hand side bar there’s a “New York City Cupcakes” list,  followed by “Cupcakes In Other US Cities”. Scroll through and see which shops are located near you!

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Silence said...

Simply Sweet Cupcakes is the best cupcake shop... EVER! We love going there every once in a while... :)


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