Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recital Music and Other Wandering Thoughts


Now, isn’t that one of the sweetest little faces you’ve ever seen? :)

This is a recent picture of mi angelito, Fernando. He’s standing beside Abby’s leg. Isn’t he tiny?! I just love my little dog! {Happy sigh} Oh, and before you ask, he’s a long-haired Chihuahua.

Okay, enough of that! Moving on! :)

Some big things are happening around here. For starters, the next TOS Homeschool Crew is about to begin.  All the “behind the scenes” stuff is taking place, and the new crew members are receiving their “boarding passes” as we speak. The kids and I are extra excited, as this year we’ll have 4 friends joining us on the adventure; the Boe family and the Roberts family! Yeahhhh!!!! :]

Only one more week until Abby’s ballet recital. Eeeek!!! :) And get this—Dean and I are piecing the music together this year. (Double “eeek”!!) We’ve still got a bit more work to do on the finale` but hopefully since I had her teacher, Miss Judith, over this afternoon to go through it with me (counts, opening steps, where to cut the music, where to fade back in) things should be fine. We hope. {Gulp!}  If all else fails, I’ll sing loudly from the wings. {Now there’s a scary thought!}

So, why are we putting the music together? Well, it’s like this. Miss Judith is bringing back the choreography she used for a recital 14 years prior. The music is on cassette and an actual LP record. (I’m not kidding.) While this worked out fine 14 years ago, it won’t work now as the theater’s sound board only takes CD’s. (Imagine that.) Sooooo, all that music has to be converted to mp3 and burned onto a CD.

Sounds simple in theory, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought at first, too! :-] But seriously, it hasn’t been *too bad*. Like I said, the finale’s the part that’s kinda messing with us at the moment. It’s actually one song that’s been cut into two parts: the first half is used for the show’s opening, and the second part is the finale. Make sense? Well, after we cut it, it then has to fade out and fade back in. Complete with an exact 11 seconds of silence in between the finale and the song prior.

If you’re confused, just imagine my peabrain right now! (Ha ha!) Thankfully, Miss Judith is extremely patient with us (did I mention she’s also one of MY former ballet teachers? *Wink-wink*), which makes it easier to deal with, especially during those times when Dean and I are snapping at each other! (Hee hee!) :o]  I’m thinking like a dancer, he’s thinking…well…like a non-dancing man. {Me: “It needs to pick up right at—AND 123, 223.” Dean: “123 blah blah, I have no idea what you’re hearing at all!”}

We also updated the dance studio’s website with the summer schedule information. Take a peek! You know you want to. ;-]

Still no appointment set with the pain management doctor, which means Dean’s still absolutely miserable. :-[  His records were supposedly sent over today at some point, so hopefully we’ll hear something by the end of the week. {Soooo frustrating….} In the meantime, I’ll keep rubbing his neck/shoulder with this strong-smelling Neuragen topical solution. Has anyone heard of it? It kinda sorta works for Dean. For example, on a pain scale of 1-10 (1 being “Eh. This ain’t so bad” to 10 being “MAKE IT STOP!”) it drops his pain down to about a 9.75. :-{  But thankfully their website offers coupons. That stuff’s uber-expensive! (Cha-ching!)

Well, I’d better get ready to take Sierra to Youth Group. Oh, one last thing…what’s everyone doing for Father’s day? Any ideas? I have an idea of what I want to get Dean but I have no clue what to get the grand-daddies. :-/


homeschool101 said...

Haha, You sound like me toinght. I am all over the place. {o_O}

Thank you denise for dropping in and giving your encouraging words.. I have been in tears since I heard about Abby.. My heart is heavy for this precious bundle of joy and her family. A lot of replies from emails, fb, blog all over encouraging her family. We are praying for Gods intervention. Thanks so much.

Heidi said...

Take some videos of the recital so we can all see! :) I'm sure it'll be great.

I'm anxious about this new Crew year. So glad you're hanging around for another year with yours truly.

Oh, and Fernando really IS quite cute!

Rachel said...

Busy, busy as usual. I just love reading your posts. You always seem to have something funny to say.


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