Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stubbornness & Ambition

I never really considered myself a high achiever but “stubbornness” seems to be a hallmark trait in my family, especially among the women-folk. And nowhere is our stubbornness more evident than in the area of illness. When a Alcala/McCracken/Dooley woman gets sick, you’ll hear us utter one of the most famous of family phrases: “I’m fine!”

As my husband says, we can be bleeding from the eyes or literally be on death’s door and yet  we’ll insist “We’re fine”. Sure we feel less than stellar but taking a break isn’t an option. We have to “Keep doing what must be done” because if we don’t, “No one else will.” Or so we believe.

I know it’s silly—we all know it’s silly! But does that stop us? Nope! And yet as wide as our stubborn streaks are, a few of us have been bestowed with an equally wide streak of ambition. Case in point—Sierra’s decided to shoot for her high school graduation within one year’s time. She also plans to earn her black belt by then, too.

Gradua2 Like I said, I never considered myself to be this super duper high achieving sort of person. I’ll admit that I tend to take on more than I can handle at times, then refuse to admit that I’ve actually done so. {Ahem} But highly ambitious? Nah. She must get hers from the Klaus side. (Hee hee)

In any event, I’ve got my work cut out for me, as does Sierra. I have no intention of making her “high school year” a breeze. {Insert sly, wicked grin here} I’ve already handed her a short stack of books I want her to read as part of her English requirements (Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, “Do Hard Things” by Brett/Alex Harris, and others) which will be increased as she goes along. We’ve been poring over CLEP information, state and local school district graduation requirements, Child Labor Laws and teenage work permits, etc. Because trust me—once she’s finished, she’s not just going to sit around and do nothing! Oh no! She’ll be getting a job, volunteering more within the church, training to teach (more than she is now) at taekwondo, etc. etc. etc.

Although she doesn’t have any immediate college plans, she might change her mind as the year progresses. She has mentioned taking art and culinary classes at the community college a few months back, so we’ll have to investigate those a bit further. Her current dream job title is “Starbucks Barista” but you have to be 18 to work there. In the meantime, a few culinary arts classes wouldn’t hurt. :o]

So over the course of the year, should I happen to come to mind—please say a prayer for me. Or two. Or perhaps three. Because I’m going to need them! I was just barely (!!) getting used to the idea of having a high schooler when she dropped the high-school-in-a-year bomb on me! LOL :o)


Rachel said...

I love that I have a good friend going through high school before me. Please take copious notes so when my kids get there I don't have to do any serious thinking. hee hee

Henry Cate said...

Please consider submitting something about homeschooling to the Carnival of Homeschooling.

Leah said...

Wow! That's about all I can say, Denise.

I enrolled my 16-year old for the Preparatory Course Art & Design at the Institute of Arts, so she'll have to graduate by May next year, but I'm so not looking forward to all the paperwork involved...

I wish you luck with Sierra's wild plans. Highschool in a year! Positively dreadful. Not for her, but for you, obviously.

Mrs. White said...

Looking forward to reading all about this!!

Mrs. White


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