Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who’s Yo’ Mix Master Now?! At long last, we’ve finished putting all of Abby’s recital music together! Woohoooo! {Snoopy dance!}

 conductor Okay, now…with that said, check this out. (Epic fail coming up…Get ready to laugh.) So, Dean—Mr. Mix Master 2010—recorded 1 stinkin’ version of the finale, right? I listened to it over ‘n over, insisting that the fade wasn’t quite right. He grew frustrated with my perfectionist ways (the nerve!), and said I could try to do better if I wanted, but it “Sounds just fine” to him. Fine. So I did. In fact, I made 6—count ‘em!—6 versions of that finale` in the past 12 hours. {Yeah. Like I said, I’m a perfectionist.}

So today, I brought a CD in to the studio for Miss Judith to listen to before class. It contained all 6 of my versions, plus Dean’s. As the very first version began to play, Judith—who apparently had no clue as to the chaos she was about to unleash—had the audacity to say, “Oh this one’s just perfect! Absolutely perfect! You guys should go into business for yourselves, I’m telling you! This is just amazing! Oh wait…did you still want me to listen to the others?”

So. Guess whose version was first? And guess which “music master” was doing the Proud Peacock Strut as a result of such high praise?

Thaaat’s right! peacock_plumage[4]>:o/

I kinda hoped he’d trip as he did his little victory dance all around the room. But alas, no such luck. {Humph} 

I then insisted that Judith listen to the ENTIRE CD (thank you very much), and plastered a feral smile on my face as she said, “I honestly can’t hear anything different in any of these versions. They’re all so wonderful!” {Growl! Snarl! Hiss!}

Dean then told her who made which ones (as if my face didn’t give it away, right?), then danced out of the room.

Judith smiled and whispered slyly, “Girls should stick together, so go ahead and use the second one!” {Wink wink}

Ha! Who’s the “Mix Master” now? ;-]  Oh, yeah…!

{Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to shake my pretty tail feathers!} 

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Rachel said...

LOL (Denise, maybe God is reminding you to just let it go sometimes.)


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