Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Blast From the Past

I’m not too fond of the expression but there is no other way to describe the photos that a friend of mine from high school dug up and had the nerve to posted on Facebook. (Ahh, the 90’s…the good ol’ days! Ha!)

So if you need a laugh, you’ve come to the right place. ;-]  {PS: If you’re super brave, you can click on the pics to make ‘em larger. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!}

37862_1489964136422_1453533857_31277502_6658290_n Here I am, in all my freshman year glory! (Scary, right?) I’m 14-15 in this picture, either late 1990 or early ‘91. But what’s really scary is the fact that I’m wearing my sister’s tie dye shirt with my step-dad’s dress shirt over it. (Anyone who knows me KNOWS I hate tie dye anything. What the heck was I thinking that day, anyway? And of course, it’s the one day my friend brought her camera. Go figure.)

37862_1489964376428_1453533857_31277508_4368107_nOh yeah, baby! Check out the lioness!!! Ha ha! This was taken when I was about 17 with my boyfriend at the time. I guess you could say we both had some hair issues…Ha!

37862_1489964056420_1453533857_31277500_5086780_nHere we are again at his senior prom in 1993.  At least my hair looks better this time! :) I’m 17 in this one, too.

37862_1489964096421_1453533857_31277501_4463721_nFast forward to 1995. Here I am in the middle of the NV desert with Sierra’s father, Bobby.  I was 7 months pregnant with her when this was taken.

37862_1489964176423_1453533857_31277503_720277_n December 8th, 1995. Sierra was 1 day old and leaving the hospital. This was also the day of Bobby’s viewing. {He passed away on December 4th.}Next to me is Bob’s sister, April. She looks so pretty, whereas I look like a freakin’ pelican with that HUGE pouch under my chin. Ugh! (What is up with that?!)

37862_1489964296426_1453533857_31277506_296253_n Ha ha! Talk about your “exhausted new mommies”! This was taken about a week after Sierra was born. (Yawn)

37862_1489964416429_1453533857_31277509_1790539_n I believe Sierra’s about a month old here, so we’ll say January 1995. Here’s the story behind this photo: I had taken Sierra in a few days earlier for some “new baby” pictures. Then maybe 3 days later, April and I decided to take a picture of the 3 of us together. The photographer recognized me from the previous day—sort of. Get this—she was confused as to who was who. Was I the mommy? Or was April? Well, in the end she mistakenly assumed April was ME, so she plunked Sierra down on her lap! LOL She even asked if we were *twins*, can you believe it? We said, “No we’re not even blood related!”  Too funny. :)

37862_1489964216424_1453533857_31277504_5799408_n And last but not least…this is me and Crystal, the friend behind all this madness. :) This was taken after I moved back to WA from CA. Sierra was 6 weeks old at the time. (And no, I cannot explain what I’m wearing. All I can say is that I must’ve *desperately* needed to do laundry because I certainly DO NOT match! Ha ha!) Oh, and check out the giant scrunchie!!! Ha ha ha!

Weren’t the 90’s grand? ;-p


Heather said...

Such a fun post to read-Lord, you had alot going on in the 90's!! And, always a smile. Sierra looks so sweet:))

~ Denise ~ said...

Thanks, Heather! And yes...yes, I did. I was a very busy girl. Still am! LOL :)

Kristenph said...

LOL! These are great. I won't mention that your senior prom was right around the time of my wedding! (Oops, I guess I mentioned it...)

Rachel said...

Love all these pics and I stand behind my facebook comments. LOL

Laura O said...

Denise ~ awesome photos! Hey, at least we should look back at our teen years and have a few laughs. Maybe I'll scan in photos some day soon and share the lovely fashion we had going on in the 80s.

Elinette said...

Stopping by on the tos crew blog walk!


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