Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breakin’ Boards & Gettin’ New Belts

Okay, so I’m a just a *tad late* with posting these but hopefully there won’t be too many rotten tomatoes thrown my way. :) Here are some pictures from Sierra’s and Ethan’s latest belt tests and subsequent belt ceremony. Enjoy!!

IMG_6624                Busting a board with your elbow? Seriously, how cool is that!?

IMG_6632IMG_6633IMG_6637Okay, here’s the story behind this board. Sierra did a somersault which went into a flying kick. She broke the board but it wasn’t a clean break. It was just hanging on by a thread. So she “poked it” and the thing snapped in two! Ha ha! :)

IMG_6644Poor Ethan. He had to really work at this one, which resulted in a very bruised and swollen hand. But he did it! :) After that, it was smooth sailing.

IMG_6648IMG_6649 IMG_6651And here’s where all the pain and hard work comes together… the new belts! Sierra’s now a danbo (black & white, which is one step before black belt!) and Ethan is now a red belt. Woohoo!!!


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Kelly said...

Good job! Send congrats to them!


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