Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool Kids, Nasty Buggers & I’m Grounded

Yesterday, Ethan had two friends from tae kwon do, Roman and Ioan, over to spend the night. Let me tell you—those boys are amazing! Seriously. No joke. Not only are their manners exemplary (always—always!!—saying “Thank you” and “Yes, please”, etc.) but they’re two of the best eaters I’ve ever met. No pickiness, whatsoever! Even better is the fact that they repeatedly complimented my cooking (stop laughing) by saying Saturday night’s tacos were “amazing” and “better than Taco Bell”, and this morning’s apple cinnamon pancakes were “incredible” and “delicious”. Last but not least, they’re very personable, intelligent (the oldest is going into 8th grade and already doing calculus. Hello?!), and incredibly hard working. (They’re currently helping their father build their new house.) Man, I love those boys! :)  {In fact, they have my pre-approval for either of my daughters’ hands in marriage! LOL…Ahem. Whoops! Did I say that?}

On a more disturbing note, Dean and Ethan destroyed a yellow jacket nest yesterday. Unfortunately, their efforts whipped the little buggers into a revenge-seeking frenzy, so now they’re doing their best to get into OUR house through any means possible. Their preferred method is via the dryer’s exhaust tube thingamabob from the outside. (The dryer vent comes out right next to where their nest was.) So after killing about a dozen of these ugly suckers INSIDE the house near the laundry area, Dean boarded up the exhaust opening from the inside.

Now here’s where the story takes a disastrous turn. In order to board up the hole, we had to move the dryer. By the way, it’s a gas dryer. Yeah. Keep reading. So we move it, right? And that’s when we notice the distinct, gassy smell. (Isn’t that special!) Next thing I know, Dean’s simultaneously turning off the valve, calling our landlady, and grounding ME from doing the laundry—or at least, running the dryer—until Monday when our landlady can come by and assess the situation. {Gasp, shock, horrors!} Granted, the smell did go away and Dean  thinks perhaps it was just a fluke. But in order to allow me to do laundry, he’d have to remove the board. Which means the wicked nasty buggers can/would come flying back inside. Ugh!!!

Did I ever tell you about my laundry fixation? How I have to do it every single day lest I break out in hives? Yeah it’s kinda nuts, but that’s just one of the many facets to my charm. I’m also keenly afraid of anything that can sting me.

So anyhoo, I can’t do laundry for at least another day and yes, I do believe it just might kill me.

For the record: I hate yellow jackets! >:o[

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