Friday, July 23, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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Here's the short version of my week:

Monday ~ Workout 25 mins with weights. {I was feeling lazy...}

Tuesday ~ Short walks around the neighborhood running errands. {Woke up early that day and didn't have the energy to do what I should've done. *Sigh*}

Wednesday ~ Ahem. Nothing. Except walking here 'n there. Nothing major.

Thursday ~ Cardio 30 mins on exercise bike at top speed (14.0 mph). Actually broke a sweat this time! Woohoo! Also went for a (very short) jog around the neighborhood. Was more like jog for 20 seconds, walk for 40 seconds, jog for 15 seconds (Ouch! Cramp!) followed by walking for another 75 seconds...repeat for 12 minutes. {Pathetic...}

Friday ~ At this moment I'm preparing to ride my bike for 30 mins, followed by a workout video for 60 mins.

Based on the above totals, I'm really not happy with my performance this week. I'm hoping today's workouts will blast things back up a bit, then I plan to sneak in a little extra time with the bike tomorrow morning before church. My thighs--they need help! :o/

Nutrition was going okay until I had a major craving for a Whatchamacallit candy bar last night. {It was unbelievably good! *Hee hee*} We went out to Red Robin one night for supper and I was really good! (You'd be so proud of me! *wink*) I ordered chicken pesto pasta (sans chicken) and ate only a small amount. I then had the rest boxed up and have been slowly eating it for lunch throughout the week. {I LOVE pesto! Sooo yummy!}

My water intake's been good and my chai consumption is down. I've been drinking maybe 2 cups per day instead of my usual 6-8... {LOL} :o]

The scale hasn't budged since last week, which is fine. Granted I'd be the happiest woman alive if I could report otherwise, but based on my lack of movement this week, it all makes sense.

By the way, did anyone catch the season finale` of Jillian Michaels' show? I totally missed it so I'm going to have to download it. (Sigh)

You know, I think I need to venture over to the store and pick up a new fitness magazine. Maybe that'll help pull me out of my laziness. What do you think? :o] Do magazines inspire you or do they make you feel worse? I admit things can go either way for me in this department. Just depends on my mood. ;-] Right now, I'm in "Gimme some inspiration!" mode so it should be good.

How was your week, fellow Fit Mommy?


Leah said...

Sorry you had such a lousy week, Denise. But thankfully, there's always next week, and with it the chance to start anew. :)

The scale... you know, I haven't been on the scales in forever. I'm such a scaredy cat; I couldn't bear the thought of having put on even an ounce - despite the obvious fact that I'm thin. How pathetic is that? ;)

Fitness magazines... I never buy them. Never have and never will; although I do buy health magazines quite regularly. I don't think it would work for me, but hey, if it works for you...

And at the very least you'll get some exercise from going to the bookshop. That is, if you walk there, or go by bike.

Annie Kate said...

Hey Denise, it's not so bad! You moved EVERY day. Some days you even exercised seriously!

Maybe you need some fun stuff: soccer with the kids, frisbee with the dog, climbing little waterfalls....LOL.

Remember, thin thighs aren't the goal of life, but your kids would probably love to play with you.

There, have I saved you the cost of a fitness magazine?


Annie Kate

PS You can come leash train our puppies. To me, that's aerobic exercise and all the motivation to move is in front of me on four quick little legs.

Laura O in AK said...

Fitness magazines used to be fun to read. Now that I'm a little more 'seasoned', I don't want to be depressed.

Any day that has me up off my toosh for a while is a good day in my book. It's far too easy for the computer or other things to suck me in and have me become a lounge lizard.

i cant decide said...

I still haven't watched Jillian's show. I will have some time tomorrow and hopefully I will get a chance to check it out!

Kelly said...

Sounded like you did wonderfully! And Jillian's finale was great! That show and Biggest Loser are really quite inspirational.


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