Friday, July 30, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

*If you're new to my blog and would like to join the merry band of mommies working hard to get--or stay--fit, please click here for all the details.*

This week was waaaaaay better than last week for me! :o) I felt extremely motivated (for the most part) and determined to get--and stay--on track.

On Monday, I completed 2 workout videos, "Maximum Body Sculpting" and "Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs". These workouts left me feeling amazingly refreshed instead of my usual (wiped out and ready to die!).  But alas, on Tuesday I woke up feeling wiped out and entirely unmotivated (ahem!), so I only completed the first 25 mins of MBS. {So disappointing!} Then Wednesday arrived with me feeling even worse than I did the day before. So I did nothing. {Sigh}

Then Thursday dawned bright and glorious. Suddenly I felt my strength return so I completed SBH&T, and did a few more sets of those exercises on my own later that evening before bed (less the ankle weights). I also did my usual walking around town/running errands, so that was good. I may have covered a mile, counting all the trips. Not too terrible.

This morning I've already completed MBS, and plan to complete SBH&T after this post is finished. :-) Hooray!

My nutritional intake has also vastly improved this week. I purchased a bunch of rabbit food all the necessary ingredients to make a ton of veggie sandwiches (Roma tomatoes, bags of mixed baby greens, Claussen pickle slices, Ezekiel bread), as well as bananas for post-workout snacks. My chai has been limited to 1-2 cups per day, which as you all know is HUGE! ;-) Water intake is also up, and although the scale hasn't budged one iota (darn it!), I feel pretty pleased with myself overall.

Remember last week when I mentioned possibly going and getting a new fitness magazine? Well, I didn't. I started to--even opened a couple of them up and read through them a bit. But I realized they didn't have any new nuggets of wisdom that I didn't already know (or couldn't access online for free), so I put them back.

And I have to seriously thank my sister for talking me out of buying wasting my money on a new set of workout DVD's. Perhaps you've seen them, too? They're called the Brazil Butt Lift (very stupid name) but I'd heard from other moms how "awesome" they were, so I--being the total follower and workout video junkie that I am--suddenly had this overwhelming urge to BUY NOW!

Only trouble was at the "amazing low price" of only 3 payments of $20/each plus $13 shipping, I couldn't afford them.

So I did the next best thing. I pouted and bemoaned my existence for about 10 minutes.

And that's when my phone suddenly rang; it was my sister. {Superwoman! Dum, dah, dah dahhhhhhh!} She "swooped" in just in time to save my sorry self from making a huge financial mistake (like cutting out grocery money to buy them!), and telling me that everything "Brazil" covers is already featured in all the other videos I own. {Hmm! Imagine that!} You see, she was smart and actually watched the commercial, whereas I was blinded by the idea that this amazingly awesome series was the answer to my sagging backside, sight unseen.

Now I must ask...Have any of you found yourselves getting swept up in the latest and greatest exercise "toy" hoopla? Did you succumb to the temptation or were you able to resist? Frankly, my reaction surprised me a little bit as I'm usually one of the first to scoff at anything outside of The FIRM. (With the exception of Jillian Michaels. Ahem.) I honestly don't know what came over me! However, I can definitely say that I now understand how people can be so easily misled, by what they see on TV or otherwise, as being the answer to their weight and body shape woes!

A humbling experience? You bet!

Alright, enough of my rambling. How did the rest of you fabulous ladies do? :)


Catherine said...

I'm lucky if I can get through a Leslie Sansone walking video without the phone ringing, the world needing me to save it, or a child with an earth shattering crisis. So, I applaud you. While I will admit, I have owned an "ab roller", in my house, it's my husband who gets swept up - but he also follows through. He's in the middle of the P90X workout. Like I said though, he IS doing it. Everybody else I know quit a few weeks in, but I think he's going to make it the whole 90 days. I'd rather have new shoes. =)

Oh, and hello from the TOS blog walk! Have a great weekend.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Love your blog! The Fit Mommy Friday Meme sounds like a great idea. I need some motivation to start working out again! Anyways, I'm stopping by on the blog walk. Great blog...oh, I'm a follower now too!

i cant decide said...

You worked really hard this week! The only thing I might give in to is a hula hoop to do the workout in this month's shape magazine. It looks really fun.

Heather said...

Hi Denise! I am sooo not even thinking about fitness at the moment. I have my big appt. next tuesday and hopefully, they will figure out what is making me sooo tired. I hate it!! But, I know I can get better and figure it out. Meanwhile, I also haven't given you a blog award (I am making you a special one) But, I did think of you when I saw that Elmers and Walmart are supporting kids with new supplies if we blog about I gave you a "Virtual Bag of school supplies" you can see it here pass it on! And, meanwhile congrats on a great FIT mommy week:))

Kelly said...

I did a little worse this week then others, but I have a new plan of action which I hope will work for this week. I don't really like a lot of those workout videos, but I really do like anything Biggest Loser. We have the Biggest Loser Yoga video and I may try and do that sometime this week again. I had been doing it, but got off track. So maybe now is the time to get back on track.

Laura O in AK said...

You make me look bad ;o)

Usually the fads are going to be a repeat of other things already out there. And, I rarely buy stuff like that anymore. Some of the DVDs can be borrowed from the library or a friend. Also, our digital TV package has Fit TV with lots of choices for workouts. (Just with commercials here and there...)


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