Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Gotta Find a New Blog Template?! Ackk!!!

If you’re reading my blog any time between Wednesday and Friday, be prepared for some visual oddities. I’ll explain…

Apparently something’s up with “Cutest Blog on the Block”, my current background supplier. I saw a banner across the left corner of my blog last night stating that my background would disappear on Friday and I had to select a new one. I can’t even get through to their website without some odd error message screaming at me. UGHHH!!! Soooo not happy right now.

I mean, do these people have any idea how much of a chore it was to select just the right background in the first place?

And then making the header—? Oh my…don’t even get me started on that header! (Ooops, too late!) You see, I’m not the savviest of Photoshoppers, so I had to ask Dean to help which ended up being an exercise in frustration of a whole other sort. In short, the two of us simply do not work well together. Period. He gets irritated, I get irritated. He gets snappy, I get snappier. {Ahem} Yeah. Not good. Granted everything worked out and my blog looked totally fab when we were done (hooray!), but that’s beside the point. :)

So now, I have to scour the web in hopes of finding THE perfect background with perfectly matching header, which I have to THEN customize—again—to suit yours truly. {I’m a finicky girl, I get that. But I’m also quite the simpleton when it comes to working with HTML. I need a highly simplified process that allows for the greatest expression of creativity (aka: pink, sparkly and lots of pizazz).}

I’m going to need a few extra cups of chai today, I just know it….


Kelly said...

That is totally annoying! I sure do hope it's not all their blogs backgrounds. That would just be absolutely a mess.

Michelle said...

Since I was able to get on CLBOTB early this morning, their intent, I believe, is to have all of their backgrounds available as well as new ones once they move everything over to a new host. I can't imagine how long that might take. Maybe Saturday we'll know for sure!

I'm with you on this one...royal pain!

I like what you've selected though!

Leah said...

Don't fret, Denise. Your blog looks great.


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