Monday, July 26, 2010

A Little Inspiration (Fit Mommy Style)

I realize the Fit Mommy meme doesn't post 'til Friday but I thought I'd share what I did today in hopes that it inspires someone. ;-)

I decided to use 2 "FIRM" videos back-to-back, which made for a great 90 minute routine with extra emphasis on the lower body.

First up was "Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs w/ Tracie Long" (and although it doesn't mention it within the title, it also focuses heavily on the abs). This is a 45 minute gut-busting, hip-burning routine that I love to hate! (Hee hee) The video is a compilation of exercises found in two other Firm videos, "The Tortoise" and "The Hare" (cute, huh?). I don't own either of those tapes but I have borrowed them from my library once or twice in the past. (Excellent stuff!)

What I enjoy about this workout is the strong focus on the hips and thighs through a heavy concentration of old-school floor work. If you've never strapped on a pair of ankle weights and did a bunch of leg lifts (in various ways), then you don't know what you're missing! LOL It's my absolute favorite way to work the back of my legs, which is often a source of contention between me and the mirror. ;-)

Now before you watch the clip, you have to promise to remain open minded. Because the video is rather dated (early 90's), cheesy workout gear abounds. (Ahem) But trust me, the workout itself is a true gem!Okay, here's a little taste...

Moving on to workout #2...

Once I completed that, I popped in my other Tracie Long favorite, "Maximum Body Sculpting". This 45 minute routine incorporates heavier weights with several standing-leg exercises. Because of this, you'll need the Firm's signature 14 inch step (the "fanny lifter"), and several sets of dumbbells (3-15 lbs). Unlike the first workout, this routine does not require ankle weights and the "cheese factor" is eliminated. ;-)

There you have it! My Monday morning routine (at least for this week). What was yours???


Unknown said...

You know, I actually have a collection of The Firm videos and did them religiously way back when. Phew!

I'm very, very overweight now and think that I should get back to doing this.

Anyway, I'm just stopping by to let you know that your blog is part of this week's Blog Walk.

God bless you!

Christina said...

I am trying out the couch to 5k training plan. I soooo want to complete a triathlon next year. Barring any unexpected pregnancies :) I plan to do so.


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