Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pinecone Research-Now Accepting Applications


If you’ve got a few minutes to spare whilst you fritter away your time online (Oh c’mon! You know you do! *Hee hee*), then you might want to check out Pinecone Research. I’ve been with Pinecone off and on since Abby was born, and I’ve never been disappointed. :)

With Pinecone, you actually receive *money* for your time instead of points which eventually add up to money. Survey notifications are emailed to you about 1-3 times per month, and each survey takes approx. 5-10 minutes to complete. You’ll then receive $3 compensation per survey via check or Paypal. Your choice. {Granted, it’s not vast wealth but hey—it’s something! :o)}

You may also—from time to time—receive actual products to try out in addition to your $3 payment. Not too shabby, eh? Check out Pinecone Research here.

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