Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Potential & Definitive: Curriculum 2010-11

Did you notice the Back To School ads in last Sunday’s paper? Eegads, where does the time go?!

Granted, we tend to take a short break in the summer so school is never far from my thoughts. But for some strange reason, the whole concept of buying school supplies just—POOF!—totally escaped my mind. {Which is kinda weird considering how I love organization, list making, and the bliss that envelopes me upon entering an office supply store.}

school_supplies So while I pour over the Staples, Target and Office Depot ads (cheap paper! Woohoo!), I started thinking about next year’s (or in this case—next month’s) curriculum choices.

Here’s what I’m considering for my monkeys three. Let me know your thoughts…

Wordly Wise 3000: This product seems to have loads of amazing reviews and I had the pleasure of seeing one of the volumes up close ‘n personal at a convention a few years back. It looked really cool and my girls would totally love it, as it would be both challenging and (dare I say it?) fun. Would it be good for Ethan? Umm…no. In fact, I can imagine him going into convulsions just by looking at it.

Total Language Plus: Now this product has been recommended to me by my dear friend and Crew Captain, Heidi. From what I understand, she uses this product with both of her daughters (her cutie pie son, Ian is just a bit too young yet!—Hee hee) and they really enjoy it. I’d like to get some of the high school study guides to use with Sierra, particularly the Pride & Prejudice edition. (Hellooo, Jane Austen!)

Teaching Textbooks: Okay, I’ve had this product recommended to me by at least 3 fellow homeschooling mothers and I really am considering it. However, the price is absolutely insane (gulp!) so I won’t be buying it right away. I’ll definitely have to save up first!

A New World of Adventure: This is the next unit study program produced by our main resource, Learning Adventures. What I really love about this program is that it provides you with complete daily lesson plans that are simple and easy to follow. All I have to do is throw in some math and voila`! No muss, no fuss!

Beyond Five In a Row: We did the first section together about a year ago for a review, which was really fun. Now I’d like to work our way through the rest of the program, in addition to A New World (above). You know, for a dash of zestiness. ;-] That and I hate to leave unfinished or unused curriculum sitting on the shelf! {Ahem}

Christian Light Education: We’ve used CLE’s work texts many times over the years. I love their simplicity, their low price, and the fact that they make it easy for the children to work at their own pace. Everything is broken down into bite-size increments, so concepts are never whooshing over your child’s head. I’ll be sticking with this for Ethan and Abby’s math (in addition to TT if I get them!) and Ethan’s language arts.

Lifepac/Switched On Schoolhouse: I’ve seen and wanted to try these babies for so long! I think I’ll take the plunge this year with their Washington State History. Although I admit to being half-tempted to purchase an entire grade kit (or 3…), especially since Sierra’s so keen on graduating in one shot. We’ll see though. The jury’s still deliberating. {Wink wink}


Latina Christiana (Memoria Press): Abby really wants to continue studying Latin this year (as well as French). I had the pleasure of reviewing Prima Latina with her and Ethan two years ago, courtesy of the TOS Crew. I’d really like all 3 of my kids to continue this as I feel it’s important. However, Ethan has made it clear that he’d rather not study Latin again and Sierra’s not too keen on the idea, either. Not sure if I “care” about their opinions or not. ;-] Hee hee.

Also, based on some of the comments I need to clarify something: Not everything listed here will be used in the coming year! (I’m not *that* crazy…) Most of this stuff falls under the “potential” category, meaning I haven’t decided if we’ll use it or not (based on budget factors, etc). However, the unit studies and CLE are “definite”. Also, not every product will be used by every child. Some are specifically for Ethan/Abby, and others are geared toward Sierra.

Okee doke? :)

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts about any of the above products.

How are your Back To (Home)School plans shaping up?


Heidi said...

Looks like quite a list - some I've not heard of, but what I have looks great! :)

Rachel said...

Can I just say that looking at your list upped my blood pressure. Although I tend to have low blood pressure so maybe that is ok. hee hee Too much for me. We are using KONOS and adding math. Math consists of printing out some free worksheets from the computer or pulling some worksheets from the Costco workbooks I buy. Ok, off to post my own post on this. LOL

Denise said...

Stopping by from the Homeschool Crew.
I have enjoyed reading several of your posts, and look forward to reading a few more. Love the background on your blog!


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