Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ugh! It's So Hot! (and..."Dude, we've got HOW much going on today?!") it is so HOT! Okay, okay...perhaps not as hot as it is on the east coast right now, but for Washington? Yeah. It's hot, baby! Today's temp was 84 according to my outdoor thermometer. Ick. Tomorrow's supposed to be into the 90's. Double ick. :o{  Granted, we're all lacking Vitamin D and that's not exactly a good thing, but I could do without the heat. I'm not a "heat" kind of girl. I used to be though, when I was a teenager. Back then I'd lay out like a lizard on a rotisserie and bake myself to a nice, golden brown. Now? No way. I won't even wear shorts in public these days. (Talk about your "icky" moments! *Shudder*) :o]

It's kind of a running joke out here that summer doesn't officially start until July 5th. So far, the saying has proven itself true over 'n over again. And with summer comes a whole new level of activity (drum roll, please...) Abby's summer dance session!

Instead of taking 3 classes a week she's taking 8 for the month of July. Her current schedule is:
  • Monday: 5-6:30 Ballet; 6:30-7:30 Jazz
  • Tuesday: 5-6:30 Ballet; 6:30-7:30 Character; 7:30-8:15 Pilates
  • Wednesday: 5-6:30 Ballet; 7:15-8pm Terminology
  • Thursday: 5-6:30 Ballet
Adding to the crazy schedule are Sierra and Ethan's weekly Tae Kwon Do classes/youth group which look like this:
  • Tuesday: 6:30-9pm
  • Wednesday: 7-9pm Youth Group (Sierra only)
  • Thursday: 6:30-7:45; 7:45-9pm (Sierra only)
  • Friday: 4:45-7:15pm
Does that look insane to you? Meeeee toooooo! :-]

Thankfully, this insanity only lasts through July. Abby has August off with classes resuming in September. Sierra and Ethan's Tae Kwon Do runs all year long. Speaking of which, their tuition's due. Rats! Forgot about that.

Oh, and tomorrow Dean's got a doctor appt. clear on the Eastside/Bellevue area directly after work. Which means it'll be my job to get Things 1-3 to/from their respective classes on time. And if you would take a peek back up at Thursday's schedule, you'll see why I'm getting a bit nervous about that. {Ahem} Especially since I don't drive. {Ahem, ahem} And I have to rely on the bus. Which has no A/C. In 90+ degree heat. During rush hour. {Yuck}

So what about you? Does your "summer vacation" look like this? Or perhaps your days are even more packed than ours? If that's the case, I must look like a giant whiny baby right about now! *Hee hee* :o)


Rachel said...

Waaaaay too many classes for me! I finally committed to one day a week gymnastics for the summer and I'm whining about that. hee hee Of course, there are all the doctor's appointments I take Else to and the therapists, nurse, nurse's aid and other visitors we host here. Plenty to keep me busy.

Heidi said...

Holy cow, girlfriend! No wonder you're worried - that's one hefty schedule there! I used to thrive on busy-ness, but now I think I'd have a nervous breakdown! LOL


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