Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Book Review: Love Is a Flame

Image Happily ever after. Does it only happen in fairy tales, or in real life? Over the years love may burn strong and steady, but sometimes it grows cold. However, it can be rekindled--and these stories show how. Be inspired by true accounts of how love was revived and renewed. ~ Love Is a Flame

My Thoughts:

As everyone who has been married longer than a day knows, marriage is hard work! There are good days and bad days, rough patches and tough years. When the Lord said that the “two shall become one flesh”, He never said the “becoming” would be easy.

Loving feelings are tricky and difficult to maintain, especially under the strain of work, home, and family pressures. If not carefully guarded, our hearts will fall prey to all sorts of temptations and distractions which erode our commitment and warm feelings.

Love Is a Flame contains a collection of true stories from married couples who have rescued their marriages from the brink of disaster and heartbreak. You’ll meet couples whose marital problems ran the gamut from adultery to apathy. A few accounts will make you laugh and shake your head, while others will leave you reaching for a tissue.

Love Is a Flame reads like a devotional in its simplicity, but doesn’t offer much in the way of “meaty discussion”. Then again, maybe that’s the point. Simple, direct, heart-warming. (Think: Chicken Soup for the Soul.)

Love Is a Flame is compiled by James Stuart Bell and is published by Bethany House.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book directly from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for this review. No additional compensation was provided and the thoughts expressed are my own.*

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