Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brain Dumps—They’re Good For You!

rain I’ve been sitting here for the past several minutes, staring at my To Do List, when I realized that I can’t maintain focus long enough to get anything done. {Pathetic, but true.}

So I’ve decided a good “Brain Dump” was in order! I’ll just dump everything out right here on my blog {lucky YOU!} which will—hopefully—allow for a more productive rest of the day.

First up—it’s raining. {Hmm. I suddenly have “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics in my head. Charming.} Not that I terribly mind the rain {or the song for that matter}. It’s just not conducive to my mood at the moment. In fact, it’s making me feel downright sleepy—something I’ve been fighting since I woke up this morning. And yes, that’s after 2 cups of chai. Ugh…

In other more exciting news, Sierra agreed to babysit for a family, Monday-Wednesday from 9am-6pm. The reason for these hours was because the family landed a gig with TLC’s “Home Made Simple show and the camera crew was there filming those 3 days. {Wow!}

Sierra would come home each night with all sorts of “behind the scenes” stories, which were all really fascinating! {For the record, I had no idea how “scripted” these home makeover programs really are!} One shining example was when the mother was told to make her living room look “messier than normal” before the crew arrived. Can you imagine?! I sooooo would not be a good candidate for those types of programs. I mean, really?! Go on national TV looking like a shoddy housekeeper? I don’t THINK so! {But then again, if it scores you a free room makeover…hmm…} In any event, it’ll be really neat to see the final program when it airs later this fall. :)

I have a few writing projects to get to, which technically *aren’t due* just yet. However, I was hoping to complete them ahead of schedule {imagine that!}, but unfortunately with the snail’s pace I’m adhering to today, it probably won’t happen. {Le sigh…}

Oh! Speaking of writing projects! Last night whilst checking for fresh Vala Dancewear/Class Act Tutu blog content, I ran across this article. Did you see it? Oh my gosh, I seriously about fell out of my chair when I read it because {squealing like a little girl} I just LOVE Baryshnikov!!! He’s been my favorite dancer since I was a kid. :) I would love to watch him perform, just once. {I’d also love it if he’d bring back his dancewear line because I hate all the other tights available on the market, but that’s another subject entirely…}

eliz1-rainbow And writing the word “subject” reminds me of our school plans. We’re starting things off by getting back to our main curriculum, A World of Adventure unit study. We started this last year, but had to stop when things became too hectic with TOS Crew review products. {There were so many good ones, it was hard to set anything aside! :) } We’ll begin with a 30 day study of the Renaissance and Reformation period. The children chose Queen Elizabeth I and Michelangelo to study in particular, in addition to books on astronomy and…Bruce Lee.

Yes, I know he’s not part of that whole time period, HOWEVER. I felt it would be interesting to learn at least a little something about this martial arts legend, especially since Sierra and Ethan are all into tae kwon do. {Not to say that Tae Kwon Do and Lee’s Jeet Kung Do are the same thing.} Perhaps after the study, we’ll visit Bruce Lee’s gravesite and pay our respects.


  • Abby found a Barbie shopping mall in a box marked “free” on the sidewalk yesterday. Score!! :o)
  • I have to help Sierra place her first Avon order today by noon, from which I’m ordering a...
  • Butler bag! Have you seen them? The purse with a built-in organizer? {So fabulous…} I’ve been wanting one of these for at least a year but could never afford one. But the one made for Avon is waaaay cheap(er), so... Woohoo! Score for me! :)

Well, I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel a lot better! Thanks for being so therapeutic! ;o) {We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…Ha!}

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