Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chocolate Kisses, Anyone?

No, I'm not talking about the Hershey variety. I'm talking about the fat-free, kind to your hips variety, courtesy of the Chocolate Lips-To-Go Kits from Coco-Zen!

Choose from two scrumptious flavors: Chocolate Fudge or (wait for it...) Chocolate Chai Spice!

From Coco-Zen: Exfoliate and moisturize your lips daily with our edible lip scrub - made from organic brown sugar, organic oils, organic honey and vitamin E. Follow up with our lip balm for luscious, chocolatey, and most definitely kissable lips!

1. Press Chocolate Edible Lip Scrub on to finger
2. Rub on lips in circular motion
3. Rub lips together
4. Lick off (it's edible & yummy!)
5. Follow up with Chocolate Lip Balm

Chocolate Edible Lip Scrub comes in a pocket-size .5oz metal screw-top tin. Chocolate Lip Balm comes in a .25oz metal slide tin. Both tins are recyclable and come packaged together in a small jute pouch.

Sounds pretty fabulous, right? :o) I think this one of the neatest little beauty products available. Not only do they smell--and taste--great, but they're made from organic, good-for-you ingredients instead of weird, synthetic, unpronounceable ones! (And the best part? Two words: chocolate chai!)

Each Chocolate Lips-To-Go Kit is available for only $12 and you can order them directly from my OpenSky Shop.

Chocolate Fudge:

Chocolate Chai Spice:

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