Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cleaning Bursts and a Salty Discovery

Once again I've decided that my house is a total pig-sty and must be cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! :o)

I started things off by cleaning out my hutch. I pulled out all the knick-knacks and wiped down the shelves. Oh and get this! Dean finally removed all his Star Wars toys out from the bottom shelf! Can you believe it? No more giant Storm Trooper action figure or speeder bikes or Darth Vader hanging out with my precious lovelies! Woohoo! If I had a "before" picture, I'd totally show you. But alas, I don't because it was just too darn embarrassing! Therefore, only my local friends will get to experience the full "before/after" effect. :o)

Once that was completed, I then moved onto the kitchen where I...
  • Scrubbed and waxed the floors (and I--ahem!--apparently waxed them a little too well, because poor Fernando now slides like a baseball player going for home plate when he runs! Oops!)
  • Washed the cupboard doors (Lysol multi-purpose cleaner--I adore thee!)
  • Took apart the toaster--with a screwdriver, thank you!--and removed every.single.bread crumb.possible.
Then I got the kiddies involved (to their utmost dismay) and had them deep clean their rooms. :) This took both Ethan and Abby a few hours. Sierra's always got her stuff all tidied up so it took her all of 5 minutes.

Oh! Guess what I discovered today? (If you're squeamish, I advise you to stop reading now.)

Coarse salt (ie: Kosher salt) is an excellent dog vomit carpet stain remover! Allow me to explain....

Our dog (although when she pukes, she's Dean's dog) Cassie has a very sensitive stomach. In fact, I just call her "Mia" (as in "bulimia") because it just suits her so well. The vet has said on numerous occasions that she's perfectly fine but just has a very sensitive (ie: disgusting and carpet un-friendly) system. Lucky me.

So, remember my previous post about the carnival? Well, what I didn't mention was that we came home to another charming display of gastrointestinal distress. (Shudder)

We cleaned it up, of course. Even bought some special "pet stain" formula spray cleaner which, for the record, did hardly anything. The stain was still there. UGH! So earlier this evening, I was dinking around on Google trying to find THE PERFECT dog vomit remedy and...shock and wonders!...I found it!

All you have to do is sprinkle a generous amount of course salt over the stain and cover it with a damp towel. You can walk on it a bit to help things along. Leave it there for awhile (up to a 2 hrs if necessary) to really soak the stain up. Then you simply remove the towel, vacuum up the salt and voila`! No more stain! It's amazing, I tell you. In fact it works so well, that I now have to "season" the rest of my carpet so it matches. (Story of my life, I tell ya...)

So now you know: If your dog throws up, simply season with salt and you're good to go! ;-)


Heidi said...

Salt? Really? I usually use 50/50 vinegar and water, with varied success. I've got to try the salt! Unfortunately, I'm sure I'll have an opportunity soon. We have a pooch with a sensitive stomach too.

Kelly said...

Wonder if it works for all types of stains? I have "other" dog stains that need to be cleaned.

Michelle Smith said...

I have some of that kosher salt up in my cabinet right now, but no dog. I'll have to keep that in mind!

About the toaster, would you believe mine has a little door at the bottom. You slide a bar on the bottom, the bottom metal door pops open, and it is so easy to clean! I shake it over the kitchen sink and wipe it out with a paper towel then close it. I love that toaster for that reason even though we don't toast a lot of bread.


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