Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(Little Miss) Sunshine Award

Wow, am I a blessed girl or what? This past week, 2 of my bloggy buddies, Sheri and Michelle, have awarded me the fabulous Sunshine Award! {Thanks, ladies! Woohooo!}

Now, as part of the acceptance process, I shall now share 7 totally random things about myself for all the world to read, and pass the award onto 7 additional bloggers. Here goes...:
  1. As of this very moment, I'm out of chai!! {Insert horror movie music here.} I am now reduced to hot cocoa until I walk my lazy rear to the store and get another can, which will be awhile given the length of my day's To Do List. {Le sigh...}
  2. According to my husband, I think waaaay too much and over-analyze everything. {I don't agree with this at all. I mean, sure I think a lot about stuff, but it's honestly not that much. At least, I don't think it's too much. Granted, I've been known to work myself into a tizzy going over 'n over things in my mind. Hmm. I wonder if it is too much? How would one go about determining whether or not one's thoughts were too much? Is there a measurement? I wonder what I can find about it on Google. I kind of sound like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Did she think too much, too? Hmm...}  
  3. I absolutely have to do laundry every single day, and I feel very weird if I don't.
  4. I'm re-learning to play the violin. So far, it's not going so well. {Shudder...}
  5. I used to be a budding ballerina, but now if I tried to execute a grand plié, chances are I couldn't get back up! :o)
  6. I wish I could be more consistent about updating my blog. I have good intentions, but then I never really know what to write about in the first place.
  7. Last but not least, my oldest is determined to finish high school in one year--as in this year! If you don't hear from me for an extended period of time, it's because I've officially gone bonkers and had to be carted away to the funny farm. :o)
Okay! Now for the best part! The crowning of seven more Sunshiny Bloggers!!! Woohoooooo!!!

In no particular order, my chosen recipients are:

Heidi @ Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter ~ This lady is so amazing, it's not even funny! Not only does her wit, charm and personality--and writing prowess--put me to total shame, but she's a fellow chai drinker, too! {High fives!!!!!!}

Heather @ Faith, Family and Fun ~ This awesome lady inspires me on a daily basis. {No joke!} She's a wonderful friend, a totally fabulous writer, and one of the coolest moms around. Her "Organic Journey" is not to be missed! Check it out!

Debra @ Footprints in the Butter ~ There's just something about this Mama's blog that makes me sigh with contentment every time I visit. Quite honestly, her words are like a cool drink of water on an oppressively hot summer's day!

Lori @ Loving Learning at Home ~ Not only is Lori one terrific Mama, but she was also one of my mini-TOS Crew members last year! She's creative, thoughtful and gentle, and I just love reading her blog and keeping up with all the excitement in her home.

Courtney @ Make Me a Blessing ~ Honestly, there's just one word to describe this young military wife/mama and her blog: incredible! Her posts always leave me feeling better just by having read them. Seriously, check her out.

The Crazy Mom @ Ramblings From the Crazy House 2 ~ If you're ever having a bummed out, "Eeyore the donkey" kind of day, then I encourage you to hop on over to this fabulous lady's blog! Trust me, she's absolutely hilarious! I love her witty take on life and I know you will, too.

Becky @ There Is Hope ~ Inspiration, compassion and encouragement--Becky's blog's got it all! I cannot say enough great things about this wonderful lady. Pay her a visit today; you'll be glad you did! :)

And there you have it! A whole lotta sunshine to brighten your day! Enjoy... :o]


The Crazy Mom said...

I am awful, awful, awful. I actually stopped by to see if you listed my blog. Good thing you did!What can I say, I am a total afirmation junkie. LOL :)

Love ya!!!

Heather said...

Thank you, Thank you!! I hope you got some Chai! You should post what your favorite kind is:))

I need to get back on the Fit Mommy track--that is part of my Organic Journey!

It is funny that you said what you did about me, because I would say all those things--seriously--about you! I suspect you are a much cooler Mom. And, you ARE on the west coast:))

Sheri said...

Well that was a good read, and I am glad to know I am not the only over analyzer in the crew.'re a joy to know dear, pure joy!


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