Friday, August 20, 2010

My Office Space(s)

Because I’m a supremely greedy and borderline psychotic individual, I have not one—but two--“offices”. The primary one pictured below is the one I share with Dean, which means it’s only mine from the hours of 6am—3:30pm, Monday through Friday. (You know, when he’s at work.)

Officearea2Pictured above is our curriculum-A World of Adventure unit study—which I’m in the process of placing books on hold at the library to use for next week’s lessons, my Disney Princess chai cup (okay, it’s technically Abby’s Disney Princess cup but she doesn’t use it nearly as often as I do), and my lovely color-coded Gmail open and on display. Hee hee! Not pictured: the big ol’ printer, phone, corkboard filled with an assortment of calendars, notes and phone numbers.

And Dean, being the handy computer dude that he is, even has the computer set up to display our own personal “sides”! This of course, makes keeping our respective stuff separate, very easy. All I have to do is log in under my Fernando’s sweet face and voila`! Pretty neat, huh?  :)

Officearea3And just to show how utterly keen on lists I am, I shall now share my current “sticky notes” that live on my desktop:

Officearea4And then there’s my iGoogle homepage which has—yes, you guessed it—more notes! Woohoo! (You know, I frighten myself sometimes.)

Officearea5 My second office is situated at my dining room table. This is where my ancient laptop sits amongst my 2 notebooks (one for daily To Do Lists, the other for my Vala, Class Act Tutu and ballet studio info. Hmm. I wonder if there’s a “List Makers Anonymous” meeting somewhere?), cell and home phone, plus a dwindling pile of review books. :)

officearea1 Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the inner sanctum of my insanity. :) Feel free to stop by anytime. My office(s) are always open!


Heidi said...

Your offices look so neat and clean. I wish you could see my dining room table/office right now. LOL

Laura O said...

Much nicer looking than my spaces. I've gotten away from making lists and it shows :o(

I'm giving you a little award for being a Beautiful Blogger. Here's the details:

Loretta said...

Stopping by from the TOS Crew on my (late) Week 7 Blog Walk

I have three desks ;-) one for my computer, one for homeschooling, and one for the household.

(Since I'm approaching 50 - shhh, don't tell - I still do a lot of my office/deskwork the old-fashioned way!)


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