Thursday, August 12, 2010

PNB's Dancer Profile-Carla Körbes

Check out this great behind the scenes peek at one of Pacific Northwest Ballet's top ballerinas! {I can't wait to see more dancer profiles in the weeks ahead! Particularly Lindsi Dec and Laura Gilbreath!!! :) }

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melyssa said...

My internet connection is being a twit today so I can't read everything on your page or watch the PNB clip, but I just had to say - I will soooo be back! Saw your post name on some other blog - a homeschooling one most likely - and was so excited to think there is another mommy/homeschooler/ex-pro-ballerina/blogger/yes, even a chai drinker out there besides me! Dancing was another world away, but now you've got me inspired to write a bit on my blog about it. Class Act Tutus sound familiar, I'm sure we've ordered recital costumes from ya. I'll come back by to visit again when the internet gods smile on me again. Melyssa at


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