Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Putting the Sneakers to the Test

You’ve all heard about these new fangled shoes out now, right? The ones that “supposedly” tighten your legs and tushie? Well, I’ve been in need of a new pair of sneakers for a little while now and yesterday, whilst out ‘n about with mi Madre, I got a pair (thanks, Mom!).

They’re theDSCN0493 new L.A. Gear Walk ‘n Tone. Aside from the fact that I haven’t worn L.A. Gear since junior high, they’re way cheaper than the other “toning” shoes on the market, PLUS they don’t look half as dorky! (Honestly, there’s just something about those odd, sloping wedge soles that makes my right eye twitch.)

While I haven’t really walked anywhere significant in them yet, I will say that—so far—they’re pretty comfy and squishy! (Which is a rather nice change from my old sneakers, which were actually Sierra’s that she outgrew a few years ago after only wearing maybe 5 times.) They’re also very lightweight, which again is nice.


Oh and see these little “pods” that look like alien fingertips? These babies are what makes the shoe so squishy and bouncy! I feel a bit like Tigger in them, actually. They’re quite fun. :)

So anyway. Where was I? Oh yes. Well as time goes on, I shall update you as to how well the “toning” aspect of these shoes works. Granted, I don’t have very high expectations as even their website itself states they “may activate more muscles”, emphasis mine. (Which sounds like a crafty way of saying “Don’t sue us if they don’t!”) Besides, it’ll take more than a shoe to give yours truly a model-perfect booty! (Ahem)

In the meantime, I will simply enjoy them for all their light, squishy, bounciness. :)

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Michelle Smith said...

I have seen those new "toning" shoes and wondered. I am really picky about my athletic shoes due to my high arches--so I have to ask whether these have good arch support or not. :)

Also, I just awarded you the Sunshine award on my blog:


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