Friday, September 3, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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Well this definitely wasn't one of my better weeks. Not by a long-shot. We've had one of Abby's friends staying with us for the week, so the two of them have been sleeping in the computer room every night. Sort of like an extended slumber party. :) So being that they're in there, and the TV and thus, my "gym" are on the on the other side of the wall, I haven't been getting my morning workouts in. {Yes, I'm actually blaming my inactivity on children...} In my defense, this is because:

1) I don't want to wake them up early in the morning, after they've stayed up late watching movies on the laptop.

2) I don't want an "audience" if they do wake up, which eliminates my working out later in the day as well. Call my crazy, but my workout times are almost sacred. ;-) I don't like to be disturbed.

So as I was saying, that wiped out my morning routine. However, I have been sneaking in a few squats, crunches, pushups in my bedroom before my shower. And of course, I walk nearly every day. Although not to the extent which I walked last week. (Ahem)

But I vow right here 'n now, that next week shall be different! :) Me and my trusty recumbent bike (which just so happens to live in the computer room!) have an appointment on Monday morning. (wink-wink) When I use the bike, I like to listen to my iPod and sweat and pedal, pedal, pedal! :)

Oh and speaking of my iPod, I recently downloaded the latest Newsboys CD, "Born Again". Have you heard it? I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it! It's awesome! Not that I didn't like the Newsboys before, but their new stuff is much more appealing to me.

As far as my eating is concerned, I haven't been doing well in that area, either. Not necessarily "junk" food as in greasy, salty or particularly sugary. But definitely heavy on the carbs (pasta, bagels, lots of bread). And if I can be perfectly honest (which I have to be!--ahem), I don't think I've eaten a single piece of fruit or a veggie this week! (Gasp! Blink...blink...)

Wait. I did dice up some tomatoes for the chicken pasta salad the other night. Hmm. Okay, so bits of tomato. That's it! (Yikes...not good.)

Well now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself (ahem), I shall now turn the floor over to you.

Lemme have it, girls...ugh...


Laura O in AK said...

Squeezing in the fruits and veggies seems to be a challenge sometimes for me. The more I have ready to eat in the fridge, the more likely I am to grab some.

As for bikes....I did one for 10 minutes this past week while waiting for a treadmill. Between the stiffling heat and the rapid jump in my heart rate, I barely made it to 10 minutes. Guess I should add that in more often to better condition myself ;o)

Kelly said...

Sounds like your week was much better then mine.

Annie Kate said...

V8, Denise, V8!!! You can always drink a few glasses at the end of a bad day. I learned that 18 years ago from What to Eat When You're Expecting. ;)

Annie Kate


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