Friday, September 24, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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My goodness, what a crazy week this has been! As you can gather from my previous posts, life has just sped up dramatically around here with my youngest daughter's acceptance into Pacific Northwest Ballet School. Three days a week, you'll find us trekking back and forth to downtown Seattle which--from where we live--is truly a "trek".

Okay, maybe it's not that bad. After all, hundreds of folks make that same commute each day for work. It's just "new" to us, therefore it's taking a bit to get used to.

But with that trek/commute comes a lot more bus riding--and when we get to downtown--walking. This is the part I truly do not mind. In fact, I really love being downtown and several years ago, I could get around quite easily on my own. Now that I live farther north, I have to re-familiarize myself with the area--which means--more walking! (Or in Wednesday's case--jogging! Ha!)

In addition to increased walking times, I've been focusing on my upper body this week. Lots of push-ups and weight work to carve out a little more definition.

As is typical when I eat well, my weight hasn't budged one iota. But my pants feel looser in the waist/hips, so that's nice. :o) (Of course, all that may change by next week when I enter the throws of PMS "bloat" but that's another subject...)

My eating's been going well. Still not drinking enough water though. I really have to make more of a conscious effort with that.

But overall, I've had a pretty decent week--crazy schedule and all.

And wouldn't you know it--I'm running out the door once again! (Story of my life, ladies...story of my life!)

How did you all do? Have you found your schedule cramping your workout time?

Oh, one last thing....thank you all so much for your sweet comments last week. I was practically moved to tears with the way you all said such beautifully encouraging things about me and Fit Mommy in general. :) Thank you all soooooo much!!!! (((Hugs))) You ladies are the greatest EVER!


Laura O in AK said...

Great way to view the running about as a way to get more walking (or jogging) into your life! When we lived in Kirkland, our family (I was in elementary school) rarely went over to Seattle. So, I can see not being 'at home' with the commute right off the bat.

Annie Kate said...

What a way to work exercise into your life! Awesome! That's the best way to do it since it'll happen no matter what.

My schedule also makes it hard for me to exercise, but it's harvesting, not running around, that usually keeps me busy.

Annie Kate

Kelly said...

It's been a few weeks, but I have a new lease on things. Love this meme! It really helps me feel connected and like I'm letting others down (which is a good thing - it keeps me focused and makes me feel like I have a partner in this.) It sounds like you have lots going on, but at least you know you have your cardio all planned out for you. :)


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