Monday, September 13, 2010

Mental Breakdown in 5…4…3…

Ever have one of those days when everything seems stacked against you, even from the moment you woke up?
Like if one more bad thing happens, you'll find your brain literally snapping in two, like this...?
Well, that's the sort of day I'm having, folks. Seems like one thing after another has happened today, leaving me left to ponder, "Why did I even get out of bed this morning?" {Note to self: Monday is not your friend...}
The only bright spot was when I learned how to use the ATM to make a deposit. Yes, it's the small things that bring me joy and delight. In fact, it was a moment that shall forever be etched along the canvas of my mind as one of the finer moments in my history.
I spent several happy moments, eagerly pressing my finger against the ATM's touch screen...bleep! bleep!...holding up the line growing behind me. was such fun!
But alas, the old adage holds true: All good things must come to an end. {Especially when a not-as-easily-impressed teller asks if you need any assistance and your reply goes something like this: "Nope! Just playin' with the machine! Hee hee! This is so cool! Ahem. Soo...Do you like touch screens, too?...Yes, I'm leaving now..." *Sigh*}
Where was I? Oh yes. My day. Well, suffice to say there are just too many things happening right now to blog about. But on the short list--my sister isn't feeling well again, so prayers for her health are greatly appreciated. The other items--? Well, they'll have to be addressed when/if the time comes to address them.
In the meantime, allow me to share a photo that was taken of me just moments ago....


Sheri said...

ah are you living in "my shoes"? cuz that is how I have been feeling for many, many weeks. Well at least I will have some company at the nutfarm! Praying for your sissy....and you! Hugs.


Heidi said...

Oh dear. I hope things start turning around for you soon. (((Denise)))

Rachel said...

That is not a picture of you-it's me yesterday. Was there something in the air? I'll be praying for you, friend!


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