Saturday, September 18, 2010

PNB, baby…!

It’s official folks. My daughter, Abby is truly her mother’s daughter! Last night, she auditioned for—and was accepted—to Pacific Northwest Ballet School! {Insert thunderous applause and confetti showers here}

I am indeed one very, very proud Momma!!! :o)

Dean had to leave work early at the last minute so he wouldn’t miss this moment! We arrived with plenty of time for her to stretch and mentally prepare. She and I were both incredibly nervous!

phelps I filled out the necessary paperwork, paid the audition fee, then helped Abby stretch in the lobby. She was scheduled to take the Level III class which ran from 4:15-5:45pm.

Once the teacher came to round up the students, we said our goodbyes and gave her a final hug. We weren’t allowed to watch at all. So for the next 1.5 hrs, I sat twitching my leg and biting my nails while chatting with another PNB mom whose child was in Abby’s class. {This lady was so funny. She took one look at me and laughed, “You need to calm down, girl! She’ll be fine!” Ha! Easier said than done…}

Finally the clock struck 5:45 and I was up ‘n out of my seat like a rocket! As I was making my way down the hall, I spotted Abby and her teacher heading our way.

As they approached I asked “So, how did it go?” The teacher replied, “It went well. There are a few things she needs to work on—technique wise—that are considered standard in our school, but I’m confident I can catch her up very quickly. But she did very, very well and I’d be delighted to have her in my class…”

{Blink, blink} By now we were in the school’s office and I was starting to see birdies twittering above my head. “So, does this mean…?” The teacher smiled softly and said, “Yes, she’s in.”

{Insert rousing chorus of “Hallelujah” here!!!!}

Abby clapped her hands over her mouth and squealed with delight! She’d made it into her dream school!

As I was filling out the registration forms and ordering her official seafoam green regulation leotard {ooh la la!}, Dean took Abby out into the lobby where they ran into none other than Abby’s favorite ballerina, Miss Lindsi Dec. :) Abby told her about her acceptance and Lindsi congratulated her warmly. {Talk about your perfect storybook endings!}

PookieBallet This is a truly a bittersweet chapter in our family’s life and we’d appreciate every ounce of prayer you can muster! :o)

On one hand, we’re sad to say goodbye to Pacific Chamber Ballet and Miss Judith. She’s been such an incredible blessing to us over the years! In fact, it was her training that allowed me to get as far as I did in the dance world, and I’m eternally grateful for all that she’s done for my little girl.

On the other hand, we’re ecstatic, humbled and extremely honored to embark on this new adventure. The Lord has blessed our little Pookie beyond measure, and we cannot thank Him enough for both the opportunity and the talents which He’s bestowed upon her. {Even now, I find myself fighting back tears.}

Abby’s ultimate goal is to one day dance for PNB professionally {or London’s Royal Ballet, which I was accepted to when I was 12}, which is still many years away. In the meantime, we will do everything we can to ensure her success within the school.

Thank you, Judy and Pacific Chamber Ballet.

Thank you, Grandparents who’ve helped with tuition over the years.

Thank you, dear friends and family for your prayers and love.

And most especially—Thank you, Lord for this incredible blessing. May Abby’s dancing bring You joy always…


Kristenph said...

Congratulations Abby and Denise:) I'm not sure I can even completely imagine the feeling of that kind of dream realized. But from what I can imagine, it's got to feel incredible!

Mrs. White said...

This is so sweet!!!!

Mrs. White

i cant decide said...

Congrats! I hope her dreams come true!

Denise said...

How awesome and exciting! Best wishes on her next journey.

Kelly said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you guys are going to have a wonderful time at the new studio. I will be praying that the transition not be too difficult with the closing of a studio so close to your hearts.


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