Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Math Tutor DVD

As I've stated a bizillion times, math was never--nor will it ever be--my forte. Sure I can handle the basics, but when it comes to higher math (anything beyond: "This super-cute pair of Steve Madden heels are on sale for 20% off of $80. How much are they?"), that's when my eyes take on a heavily glazed look, complete with a trickle of drool dangling from my sagging lower lip. (Duhhh....) I'm sure I drove at least one high school math teacher to the edge of early retirement. (Sorry, Mr. Martinez!) But I just couldn't grasp the concepts. At all.

Fast forward several years. Now I'm a homeschoolin' momma. (Scary, no?) And because God has a sense of humor, 2 out of 3 kids have inherited my supreme mathematical prowess. (Good times...) Thankfully, I've been blessed to be a part of the TOS Crew for the past 3 years, which has introduced me to the oh-so-fabulous teacher, Jason Gibson and his amazing Math Tutor DVD's. I've previously reviewed Math Tutor here and here. With that said, I'll leave the bulk of Math Tutor's background info to those two reviews.

prealgebra First up is Pre-Algebra Tutor Volume 1. This baby couldn't have come in at a better time. Sierra (14) has just barely scratched the surface of this insane oftentimes difficult concept, and obviously I'm of no not much help. The Pre-Algebra Tutor Volume 1 contains 5 hours of solid, no frills teaching. Mr. Gibson walks you through a plethora of problems in a clear, step-by-step, non-threatening, "Gee this isn't so bad after all!" manner.

Topics found on this 2 DVD collection include:

Disc One:

  • Real Numbers (There is a difference! Ha! Who knew? Certainly not me!)
  • The Number Line
  • Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
  • Absolute Value and Adding Integers
  • Subtracting Integers
Disc Two:
  • Multiplying Integers
  • Dividing Integers
  • Powers and Exponents (I can feel my brain starting to swell...)
  • Order of Operations

This 2 disc set is available for $26.99 (which is a real bargain, considering how thoroughly the material is presented and how it all makes sense--even to a dweeb like me!) To learn more about this DVD click here or watch the sample lesson below:

Last but not least, we have a super-nifty tutorial on the ever intimidating, Texas Instruments TI-83-TI-84 Calculator.

Now I've got to say, my first reaction to this product was, "Dude...seriously?! It's a giant c-a-l-c-u-l-a-t-o-r!" However I soon learned the error of my ways! (FYI: Humble pie is best served warm…)

And while don't own either the TI 83 or 84, I do happen to have the TI 81, which is just as frightening to behold upon first glance. (Why does a dweeb like me even have such a device in her possession? Good question! The short answer is: I don't know! Dean found it and didn't know where he'd come across it. But upon further inspection--you know, when I was working with this DVD--I noted my sister's name written at the top of it. Strange? Definitely. Especially since she's about as dweebie as me! But I digress...)

calc Like I said, this 3 disc set contains 8 hours worth of hands-on instruction, all designed to help you understand the various ins and outs of this amazing piece of equipment. And true to Gibson's form, he made it all sound super easy. (How does he do that?!)

While I have no desire to invest in such an object, I will admit that I feel MUCH more confident using one, should the time come in the future. I'm also willing to bet this tutorial is far more in-depth and easier to understand than the actual "user's manual" could ever be!

The Texas Instruments TI 83 / TI 84 Calculator Tutor DVD set is available for $26.99. Click here to watch a sample video.

Once again, I wholeheartedly recommend Math Tutor DVD. The teaching is clearly presented with absolutely no fluff, in sequential step-by-step manner. While these DVD's are not meant to be used as a stand-alone curriculum, they will most certainly enhance any math program you use! (Mr. Gibson--you rock!)

We give these DVD's two thumbs up!

*Disclosure: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a free copy of each of these DVD’s for free in exchange for an honest review. No additional compensation was provided and the thoughts expressed are my own.*


Denise said...

I enjoyed your informative and humorous review! :)

Loretta said...

Love, love, love your sense of humor! You really know how to engage the reader, while giving them all the content they need to make a decision.


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