Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars-House Party Event

Okay so I’m a tad late posting this. (Ahem!) Forgive me, yes? (Ha! How do you like my Yoda impersonation?) IMG_7384

So! The big Star Wars: The Clone Wars house party was a HUGE success! The boys had a total blast and I am so grateful to for their fabulous generosity! Our party kit included the new Galactic Battle Board Game, action figures, temporary tattoos, behind the scenes DVD, online game codes and $1 off coupons (cha-ching!). Plus their online Party Central website offered tons of neat printables such as coloring sheets, word finds—even a short Trivia Quiz. (Very cool!)

IMG_8062 The boys were eager to get started on the game. Each player carefully chose his own action figure, which he later got to keep.


I read the rules to everyone while they divided the figures into “battle squads”. Once the game got started, there was plenty of testosterone-laden mayhem to go around! Poor Sierra and Abby stayed out of the way for safety’s sake, as did the dogs. Ha!


IMG_8078 IMG_8086 After a few rounds, the Ultimate Winner was announced! (Congratulations, Chance…)

IMG_8092 From there, it was time to refuel on Doritos and Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies while checking out the cool online Clone Wars gaming website and watching the Behind-The-Scenes DVD footage. (I never realized just how much actually goes into making a single episode of The Clone Wars! Wow…)

IMG_8065 The boys got excited once again and began discussing anything and everything pertaining to The Clone Wars: Who watched the season premiere? Who remembered each character’s name? “Hey, did you see the one episode where…?”, Who’s got the most Star Wars Legos? To finally, “Which movie was everyone’s overall favorite?” This last question sparked a request to watch “Revenge of the Sith” which I was more than happy to oblige. ;) (Seriously, I’ve never seen a group of boys fall silent so fast in my life! Ha ha!)

IMG_8098 About halfway through the movie, a few of the boys decided to hold a rematch for ultimate bragging rights. This time, Chance’s younger brother, Sage gained the title. Nathan once again held onto second place. (I must say, that boy put forth incredible effort which I totally admire…) IMG_8095 When the goodies had been eaten and the movie nearly over, the parents began to arrive. It was time to say goodbye. (Sigh)

The party was a rousing success and I know the boys had an awesome time! We’ll have to do this again soon!

Thanks again,! You guys rock!!!!

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