Monday, October 25, 2010

Fit Mommy Challenge - Participation Poll

The suggestion was made to possibly open a special discussion group for Challenge participants. The idea would be to check in with each other any day of the week (not just Fridays) and ask questions, offer advice/support/encouragement, etc in our own little community. {I must admit, the thought never once crossed my mind, but hey--I'm more than open to suggestions!}

If you wouldn't mind taking a moment and voting in the poll at the top right, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! :)

PS: If we did open a discussion group, it would be completely private/by invitation only.


Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I just switched my vote. I was thinking if it were a facebook group then those of us who like to keep our main facebook page private wouldn't be able to participate, right? Unless we could just join with our "fan" page, but I don't think that will work, will it? Does all that make sense?

Rodna Allman said...

I don't have facebook, and my husband really doesn't want me to get back on face book. I was on it once, but he did not like it, and I also found I was spending too much time on there! LOL Anyhow, I don't have facebook anymore, but if that ends up being what the majority wants that's OK,I just wanted to let you know that I can't do facebook, and I am not sure if others may also not have facebook?
I am really trying to stay focused on this. I did pretty good yesterday, but not fabulous, but I am not giving up this time, even if I don't do it all perfectly!
Thanks for doing this!


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