Friday, October 8, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

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Sorry for the delay with getting this post up, ladies. As many of you already know from my Facebook status a few days ago, my husband was involved in a major car accident on Wednesday. Since then, my workouts have been non-existent.
Prior to this event, I came down with a head cold on Monday night that quickly wiped me out physically. I've had no energy for days.

But on the plus side--thanks to all the stress--I've lost a few pounds! (Hee hee) Okay, not exactly the healthiest method, but after this week--I'm takin' it! ;o]

I'm sorry for this shoddy check-in. :o/ I hope to have something better to report next week. In the meantime, I hope your week has been a WHOLE LOT BETTER than mine! :)


Laura O in AK said...

Stress usually has me eating high calorie foods and GAINING weight. I didn't write a post this week, but the night is young....

Annie Kate said...

Oh, dear. That looks terrible! Praise the Lord that your husband is OK!

After a week like that, you should just be glad everyone is still alive. Exercise can fall by the wayside.


Annie Kate


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