Saturday, October 23, 2010

So, umm…Define “Busy”?

Now I realize many families are super-busy these days, even more-so than ours. I personally know several homeschoolers who participate in things like Boy Scouts, 4-H, team sports, science co-ops, book clubs, music lessons, and volunteer projects. While we don't do any of those things, I still find myself wondering how on earth we got this stinkin' busy in the first place!

You see, I never planned on being "one of those mothers" that shuttled their children back 'n forth all across town. In fact, I distinctly remember vowing I'd never fall into that dreaded "soccer mom" trap. (Ahem)

Well indeed, pride goeth before the fall, because their schedules now have us running-sometimes lstress1iterally-in two directions at once.

To give you a better idea, here's what a typical week looks like around here:

Monday - Ballet 6-7:30pm (This involves riding the bus to downtown Seattle.)

Tuesday - Taekwondo 6:30-9pm

Wednesday - Ballet 5:45-8pm, Youth Group 7-9pm

Thursday - Taekwondo 6:30-7:45/9pm (Ethan's out at 7:45, Sierra stays for adult sparring.)

Friday - Taekwondo 4-7pm, Ballet 4:14-5:45pm

  • Dean works Monday through Friday, while I work at Pacific Chamber Ballet on Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm. (I also work from home for Vala Dancewear/Class Act Tutu.)
  • Monday/Wednesday, I take Abby to ballet and Dean picks us up.
  • About 30 mins after we return home on Wednesday, Dean picks Sierra up from Youth Group.
  • On Friday, Abby and I ride the bus to/from ballet, while Dean gets Sierra and Ethan to/from TKD.
  • Tuesday/Thursday I take Sierra and Ethan to/from TKD. (Thursday involves 2 trips due to their split schedule. Thankfully, their school is only 1.5 blocks away.)

{Jealous yet?}

Now bear in mind, this is only a portion of our schedule. It does not include things like appointments, errands, homeschool lessons, chores, birthday parties, etc. Speaking of birthday parties, we've got something like 10 of those on the agenda for November alone. (Let's not even discuss December... *Shudder*)

All of this makes me very glad we're not involved with Nutcracker this year, although we are hoping to be a part of it next year. (Ahem. Wish me luck.)

Now, if you happen to be laughing your head off right now over what I refer to as "a busy schedule", please leave a comment detailing your life’s insanity below. I'm more than willing to have my woes put back into proper perspective. ;-]


~Heather said...

Well, my schedule is crazy but I don't know who is crazier! lol! Mine is mostly just my schedule!

Jack works m-f leaving for work on the bus at 7am and getting home at 6am, having to walk about 15 minutes from the bus stop to home.

I get up and get oldest up, then drop jack off at bus stop and oldest at school, before doing that I wake up the 2 middle schoolers, I get home to get the middle schoolers to the bus, I wake up the elementary's. I get them ready, take them to school, drive 30 minutes to EWU campus, stopping to pick up a classmate, and on m/w/f im there till 2 or 3 depending on if there are any meetings of the computer stuff we are involved in. On m/w I then drive my friend home, get home, help with homework, clean, start dinner and leave at 4:30 to go to work from 5-10pm at which time I drive home and then clean up when home then do some homework and in bed around 1 or 2 am. Also, mason just got done with soccer on m/w so I was going to his stuff for an hour before work. On T/th it starts the same, except I have a late class that day so im at school from 9-5, drop friend off, go pick up maddy at afterschool care those days (just too long for her to be home with the other kids, she is only 5) and pick her up by 6, go home make dinner, get everyone ready for bed, put to bed, I watch a show then do homework. On Wed, oldest goes to another part of town for one youth group so after work at 10:30 i pick him up on the way home from that. On Fridays, the 3 oldest go to youth group at our church so I take and pick up from that and do homework. On the weekends we clean cause during the week I just don't have much time that sparse pickups. I also have lots of homework in that Im taking 4 classes towards my BS in computer science. Does that stack up?? hehehehehe

Rodna Allman said...

Whew! UMM, thanks for the reimnder of why we DON'T do all of those things.
I can't get involved in to many things like that.
We are already so busy and we don't do any outside stuff like that.
We do things, but not scheduled things.
I still have a hard time getting the chores, school, spending time with the kids, cooking, laundry, etc done without adding all of that.
I don't know how you all do it.

Rachel said...

Nope-I think you're nuts. At least here we have Wednesdays free and most Mondays. LOL

Lorus! said...

Oh that sounds busy! I know people laugh at my 'busy' sometimes too - but you have me beat! We decided before having kids that we would not be a busy family, and have done pretty well with that committment. This year feels sooo busy to me because oldest son, Kirk has football practice M-F and games on Saturday as well as guitar lessons. This is the first year we have had an activity every day. I usually limit it to 2 days per week. Second child, Maggie also has Irish Step Dance and Violin lessons. Both of her activities are during football practice hours and in the same town so that helps! We also walk during practice, so the only activity outside of 'football hours' is my Friday exercise. Then, like you, we have the typical household, family, and school things.
It still feels like an exhausting schedule to me :D

Tristan said...


Nope. I'm still in the "vowing never to get that busy" stage of life. Just reading your post makes me tired hon! Honest question - are you ever all home for dinner together or just an evening together with no activities? I can't imagine doing so much running, but then again, I have 5 (soon 6) kids that are all under age 10. Hauling the group anywhere is an olympic event and I'm not ready for the Olympics...LOL!


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