Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Because Every Girl’s {suffered? had?} a Rock Star Crush…

Get ready, ladies. Here comes a bona fide blast from my past!

Now before the “big reveal”, I have to tell you that {for those who don’t know} my husband Dean has extremely long hair. And by long I mean it reaches his waist. As a matter of fact, his last haircut was in August 1998, a month after we got married.


{Aren’t we cute?}

Sure, his hair totally gets in the way—he’s forever sitting on it, and it fills the hairbrush {and bathtub drain} each and every morning, etc.

But I like it. Smile I really do. In fact, I think I’d be sad {Okay, I know I’d be sad} if he ever cut it off completely.

Now, I’ve always known that my fascination with Rapunzelesque men started back in my junior high/high school days. Long hair and leather were all the rage, at least during my most impressionable years {1989-1992}. And even though I knew this, it really hit me in the face like a sledgehammer when my mother brought over an old accordion style folder she’d found in the attic.

Kind readers, I’m {pleased? proud? borderline embarrassed?} to present…my teenage crushes…


skid row


{Crazy, right?} Okay, you can stop laughing now.

I must tell you that NONE of the above photos are part of my collection. I was just too lazy to take actual pictures of my own,  so I went for a trip around Google instead. {Works for me!}

Now, the real question I have is…what would memorabilia such as this, including “special edition” magazines and posters, be worth to someone {way…way, way} out there?

Hmm. Perhaps I should see how well “the boys” are doing on eBay these days! {Hee hee}

PS: The first person to name all 3 bands and list their respective member’s names correctly—without Googling—wins a prize. {Ha! I’m just kidding. But you do get bragging rights. How’s that?} Winking smile


Debra said...

How fun! I'd have to google 'em to figure out who they are though. If that would even do it.

That's cuz you are so stinkin' young... :) (In other words, have old fogies like me even heard of any of these guys?)

Anonymous said...

Slaughter, Skid Row, Crue. Ha ! Of course, I was right there having my impressionable years along with you. My great love, however, was Bret. No Google account, so I'm posting anonymously. Do you know who I am ?

Unknown said...

Your dog is adorable!!!

As a side note - I wish my husband would grow his hair out a bit more. He finally grew his hair out a bit (from his shaved head period) but I wish it was a bit longer.

Is it bad that I had a crush on Jonathon from NKOTB and it turns out he's gay in real life? Oy. :-)

Tina said...

haha Slaughter, Skid Row & Motley Crue. :) BUT, I cheated. :) I just hovered over them to get their names. I knew Motley Crue though. :)

Shannon R said...

Sweetie pie... you are too cute. If you hover over the band pics, it says their names. BUT, I already knew the middle one... Skid Row... because I had a massive "crush" on them too. Sad eh? LOL!
BUT, that being said, I'm DEFINATELY into guys with VERY short hair... not sure why I liked Skid Row... I liked their bass player the most (wow, did I just say that??) I think it was a phase... thankfully my daughter hasn't picked up the same "phase"... she like clean cut boys (as friends, anyhow, she's not at the crushin' point in her life yet, THANKFULLY!)
Thanks for sharing!!!

SisterTipster said...

Well, girl...You've definitely dated us b/c THOSE BAD BOYS are from the 80s LOL!! Okay, let's see...guns n roses, uh...White Snake and ... I dunno...could be wrong on all of 'em LOL...just thinking of those 80s head banger glad you had/have fun! LOL...Have a blessed thanksgiving! uh... MY teenage crush? Oh my, you are brave~I NEVER wanna re-live THAT! LOL!!

Unknown said...

Ha ha! Yes, I realize if you hover over the pics, their names are revealed. ;) But--the other side of the question was to "list their respective member's names". Hee hee! No one did that. ;)


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